Florence – again

Day 152

Return to Florence

Today we packed and made our way down to reception. Summers massive bag doesn’t make it all the way down the hill. One of the wheels blows out and now is just a brake. We hang around reception for a while on the internet before Franko offers to take us to the station. He just has to do one more thing on his computer. 15 minutes later his brick layer friend arrives and we end up getting a lift into town with him. This works much better as he has a Ute.

Get to the station and run into Ernie and Dianne. We got there 5 minutes before the train was due so good timing. We jump on the train next stop Florence. We try winging our accommodation again in Florence but it just didn’t work for us because so much is sold out. We ended up back at the tourist information wifi looking for a place. We eventually used Booking.com (click the link to find accommodation in Florence) and found a place on the other side of the bridge, a nice big 2 x bedroom apartment.

We stayed in an apartment building in Florence, this is our front door.

We stayed in an apartment building in Florence, this is our front door.

After we checked in, we went for a walk around town and the place is only 5 minute walk from Santo Spirito the area of Florence for the best cheap food. Summer and Autumn went to look for some local food to eat in the Piazza and they saw a line up for a pizza restaurant so Summer joins the queue. The place doesn’t open until 1900 it is only 1845 but the queue grows and goes around the corner and down the street. It was Gusta Pizza where you can get 4 – 8 Euro a pizza and it has a huge write up on trip advisor. We got two pizzas and a bottle of red wine with two plastic cups and sat on the church steps. It was Saturday night and the Piazza was buzzing.

Nice we did as per the locals and many tourists do. Spring ends up dancing with these young girls who have brought there duke box down for some music. An Indian family join in and everyone is taught some bollywood dance moves and Spring is becoming the star attraction as she has so much energy and doesn’t realise the others have had a few too many drinks.

The girls join some other tourists for dancing and laughs in Santo Spirito, Florence.

The girls join some other tourists for dancing and laughs in Santo Spirito, Florence.

It is all fun and we end up leaving approx. 2200. It was a nice easy walk back but there seems to be some sort of fun run/marathon going on. It was really bizarre that time of night having a fun run. We end up clapping the running groups on and it was fun. Back for a good night’s sleep.

Day 153

Another night please

We really enjoyed this place so asked if we could stay another night. No problem’s so we keep the room and checked out the 2 final things we wanted to see in Florence. First we went to the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum. There is actually 2 in town and a third is an interactive short term display but apparently the one we visited is the biggest and best for the kids.

Tip: If you are going around lunch time go to the cafe in the entrance and buy lunch, drink and ticket entry for 8Euro because it costs 7Euro to get in anyway.

It was tiny only 3 rooms but plenty of interactive activities for the kids and adults to do so was pretty fun.

Autumn enjoyed the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence.

Autumn enjoyed the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence.

The video on his life went for ages, didn’t actually watch the entire movie just too long. I didn’t know old Leo and Michelangelo didn’t get along, that was interesting. Anyway we spent a couple of hours in there and then walked back over the bridge to go up the hill were the lookout is over Florence. We bumped into Ernie and Dianne again on the way up and on the way back down. This has happened to us many times on our holiday, we seem to bump into the same people in these huge cities.

It is a nice steady walk with plenty of places to stop along the way. Once you get to the top there is a market set up with all the local produce. The girls sampled some honey truffle that was really funny because it is really disgusting as Spring put it. We spent a couple of hours at the top of the hill prior to returning down back to Santo Spirito for cheap pizza again on the church steps.

Florence is a really nice city and I can see why tourists would like to come here. It has all the history, beauty and is just chilled out enough to handle.

From Summer:

Winter now has his own Instagram page @worldtravellingwinter he has taken some fantastic photos and we like the fact that we can upload HUGE MB shots without any hassle.

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    1. From Winter, young Mick publicly dissed Leo’s work on his return to Florence and so when Leo found out he said openly that Mick’s work sucked and they had a public fracas which was recorded for eternity….or so they say.

    2. Leo said that Mick was a hack and had no future and would never be remembered for his work because it was out of proportion. Ahh hello what about David???

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