Farmstay in Tuscany

Days 145 to 151

We want to stay

We all had a little sleep-in on our first morning. Must be the country air, or the massive hill climb. It was so nice and peaceful.

The Botticelli Cottage we stayed in.

The Botticelli Cottage we stayed in, Tuscany, Italy.


Summer and I opened our bedroom window and then looked at each other and knew we wanted to stay. We then saw Franko the owners son who looked after us and asked if we could stay longer than our original four nights. He was surprised because we didn’t have a car but Summer explained to him that we needed to stop and get away from the big cities for a while.

Out our bedroom window on our first morning, Fattoria Il Lago, Tuscany, Italy.

Out our bedroom window on our first morning, Fattoria Il Lago, Tuscany, Italy.


What do you do for a week on a farm in Tuscany?

We picked cherrys from trees in paddocks across the road in an olive grove.

Winter was up the tree for a long time and eventually filled this bowl.

We walked to the natural spring and filled up our water bottles to drink and use for cooking.

500 metres from our cabin was a swimming pool, games room, more villa’s and cool BBQ cave.

A BBQ, seating and a washing machine in a cave in our Tuscany farmstay.

A BBQ, seating and a washing machine in a cave in our Tuscany farmstay.

Drank wine made on the farm and met some nice neighbours. One was from Serbia (don’t know his name), he trained dogs to hunt wild boar and had a 4 month old fox terrier (named rocky) that the girls played with every day and on the other side we had a solo retiree from Canada (Ernie) and he had been there for over six weeks when we met him.

Everyday we all walked down to reception, a kilometre away, to allow the girls to get at least 2-3 hours of school work done.

Every second day I would split from the girls and continue down, another 2 kilometres, to the shops in town in Dicomano to stock up on food, take out the rubbish (this was part of our stay and is common in Italy, to take your rubbish to public drop off centres) and get some beer. I would then grab the girls and we would all walk back up to our place and have lunch. Mind you we were lucky enough to get a lift most days from either Franko or his father.

We cooked on an open fire near our place two nights. Getting the fire going was fun for the girls although the three of them put it out three times because they put too much wet wood on. But we eventually cooked steak one night and a full chicken splayed out on our last night (read below).

I read a book. I never get into reading anything more than a health and fitness or cars guide mag but Summer decided to pick a book from the games room for me. It was Ronnie Wood, from the Rolling Stones’s autobiography. I started to read it before dinner on our second night and finished it in three days, its not a bad read.

Ronnie, nice wine and a warm cottage, equals sore heads in the morning.

Ronnie, nice wine and a warm cottage, equals sore heads in the morning.

On one stock up day it was raining and so we gave the girls the day off school so they put on movies. Summer decided to join me on my pilgrimage into town. So we packed the rubbish and put on ponchos and walked down the hill. It was so funny because after the bags were filled with food on the climb back up the hill Summer caved and couldn’t walk very fast and so I carried everything.

We also decided to make the pilgrimage into town on our last day, just to see what was down there. We had 2 things to do. Get a gelato for the kids and chicken for our final BBQ dinner. Our Canadian neighbour Ernie’s wife was arriving from Canada and we were going to have dinner together before all checking out the next day. The walk down is OK but coming back is really hard core. The girls are pretty tough though and made it to reception before the father see’s us again and offers us a lift up the hill. Excellent as we were running late for the BBQ.

Gelato in Dicomano, Italy.

Gelato in Dicomano, Italy.

Ernie had already started the fire and was cranking it up so all Summer had to do was stuff garlic, parsley and orange rind under the skin. Dianne boiled potatoe in their skin and made huge salads and we all sat on the seats eating. They surprised the girls by buying icecream for dessert.

Dinner on our last night at Fattoria Il Lago

It was another stunner of a sunset as we ate out on the landing of the farm. Really cannot believe how fast the 8 nights have gone, and how relaxed we have been up here.  We have really enjoyed our stay up in the Tuscan Hills and may be visiting some people in Canada.

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