Day 15

Shey Shey Beijing; Sin Chao Hanoi.

Up at 0520 this morning, actually I was up at 0300 couldn’t sleep, finished off packing and readied ourselves for a day of travelling. The subway system in Beijing is really easy to navigate so we gave it another go for our transfer to the airport. All good we go past a place spelt Dongai Shitau and sounds like (dog your full of shit you) when announced in english. It never wore thin on me every time we went past this station. (Slightly immature).

Anyway made it to terminal 2 no problems with plenty of time. Realised at check in we have a domestic flight to Guanghou and then have a 2.5 hour stop over to transfer and clear customs for our flight to Hanoi. All good until our gate was changed and then the plane was delayed by an hour. At this point I was a bit of an a* hole and had a crack at Summer as I thought a direct flight would be better however would have cost a bomb. Once boarded the pilot announced that the flying time would be 2 hrs and 45min not the 3.5 as first indicated. Fingers crossed we would make it to our connecting flight and a lot of apologizing from me to Summer.

To our surprise China Southern airlines plane was a fairly new unit and the feel is very much like Qantas, this was a pleasant flight with a nice lunch thrown in. Not like the Air Asia circus to Beijing.

Girls loving China Southern Airlines

Girls loving China Southern Airlines

I did have this mother in front of me with a sick child. By that I mean she would have been 15 or 16 years old and spewing till she had nothing left. The mother thought it was OK to invade everyone’s personal space and spread herself around our area. I think maybe I might just have issues, as Summer has only just started to talk to me after 2 hours of flying.

Anyway we arrived and had to navigate our way to the international departures, we found our way there eventually and made check in. Got to the gate and boarded a Vietnam Airlines plane right on time. Travelled the 1hr and 40 minutes to Hanoi cleared customs really easy. Met our driver for our transfer to the hotel. This is where I decided we no longer needed our travel money card and left it in the ATM at Hanoi international airport. I didn’t realise this until we got to the hotel and went for a feed after check in approx 1830. Panic stations kicked in and I thought we were going to be robbed millions of dong. This is not really a lot of coin I pulled out $2 million dong, the max I could get at the airport and did a currency conversion after the fact it was only $125 Aust.

Any way Summer was really cool about it and didn’t panic, she logged onto our bank site and locked the card but I stayed filthy at myself for the remainder of the night until Spring had a tear up at dinner and asked when I was going to smile again. This was nice as she is only 8 and I explained how irresponsible that was of me to have done that and that we would be OK. The bank can send us a replacement card and we have other options as well.  We had a nice Vietnamese dinner of spring rolls noodles and rice just 4-5 shops up from the hotel. I will say that the food is so much lighter than Beijing, a lot more veg and is cheap. I think dinner was about $35 Aust with beers. Went back to the hotel showered up and crashed I think we were all stuffed.

4 thoughts on “Winters Chilling Tales #9

  1. So………..dinner was about $35 Aus,….. with beers. How many beers ? You don’t need to answer that….. I have a good idea already.. That is fantastic value !!!

    1. Yes dinner here has been around the 35 dollar mark each night. There are more expensive places but they are all too western. Beers at the supermarket are 10,000 Vietnamese Dong which is under a dollar.

    1. Spring the star Haha. We can’t either but the bank balance says ‘yes you are’…..hehe. We miss you too love and kisses to you and the boys xxxxx

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