Day 141


Stayed in this morning let the kids do some school prior to heading out after lunch. This time we headed to the monastery Convento d Cappuccini. Summer went to this when she visited Rome years ago and said it would be ok for me and Autumn but not Spring. This place is were the human bones of deceased monks have been used as art. Summer and Spring went and had a Gelato while Autumn and I went in.

Seems normal as you enter and go through the museum section. You get a rundown of the history of the place ancient art and sculptures, then it starts to get a little weird. We read about how the human skulls are kept and placed in a way so that in death they will never leave the church. You see some paintings depicting this and then you walk through to the actual church section.

Now this is really creepy, there are bones of over 3000 humans, on display in some form of art. There is a wall of femur bones. Hip bones make up an arch way. Jaw bones make some kind of art on the wall. The light shades are bones I think fingers, yes this is the reason you come to this place to check it out, it still doesn’t make it any less creepy.

There are full corpses laying in a resting or sleeping position. There are 4 separate sections of this bone art that you walk through and the last section is the best or most disturbing, a preserved heart. It now looks like the cured meat hanging in the butchers around town, really grosed Autumn out and we had to leave it was a little too much for her. Was not allowed to take photos inside, I don’t know if anyone would want to see them anyway.

As we left I asked Autumn if she was OK, yep, only if she got a gelato pronto. OK then, so we had a gelato and met up with Summer and Spring.

We walked up to Santa Maria Maggiore, it was another massive church decorated in mostly gold and white. It has a huge altar and an open basement with a crypt holding a Saints body. I can’t seem to get away from dead people today.

Altar of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy.

Altar of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy.

We then made our way to The Lateran Basilica or Basilica of St Giovanni in Laterano, same again another massive church but this one was a lot bigger than the one before with huge arch ways and large white statues, really impressive structure.

The statues were huge in the Basilica St Giovanni in Laterano, Rome.

The statues were huge in the Basilica St Giovanni in Laterano, Rome.

We then weaved our way through the back streets and found a nice little pizza and pasta place for dinner. We were in approx. 1830 so relatively early for dinner in Italy so we got served just before peak hour. It was the best pizza we had had in Rome and the price was spot on, left approx. 2000 and there was a queue out the door and around the corner to get in the place. We walked to the  Colosseo station, right in front of the Colosseum and Summer and I started to have a little dual with our point and shoot camera’s to see who could get the best photo.

Sun set on Colosseum, taken by Winter.

Sun set on Colosseum, taken by Winter.

Colosseum taken by Summer.

Clouds over the Colosseum taken by Summer.

How did we do?

Well tonight we must have been there during photographers hour because the front of the Colosseum was set up full of tripods and photography buffs. I climbed up high and took the sun burning in the sky and caught the chariot rider on the roof of the Vittoria Emanuele building which is the feature image of this post.

There is to much to see and photograph in Rome, it is hard to show it all.

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