Resting in Rome

Day 137

Stayed in to recover from our previous day.

Today we met our guest house host 0830 for him to show us were the train station and local shops are. I did say we have 7 nights in this nice large 2 bedroom 2 bathroom villa. It looks like an old farm house from the outside that has been converted. Everything is quite new, in the past we have had good and bad accommodation. By bad I mean bad for us with no Wifi, no shower pressure, leaking toilet cistern…the list goes on, so this is a nice change to have everything working in the one place.

We walked past the train station, Villa Bonelli. It is no more than 100m from our place, on to the local bakery were our host shouted us coffee and some breakfast and then showed us the local supermarket. We then split from him here and went to do some groceries. We merely got enough supplies for a couple of days and returned back to the guest house.

I noticed on the way back the area looked rough. There was a lot of graffiti and a burnt out car at the train station. We still have no idea how far away from Rome we are. I feel like I am back home in Penrith.

It still all good, I am sure we will figure everything out.


We got back and let the girls concentrate on school work, Summer some blogging and I got the washing and food sorted. It was actually good to stay in and felt like we had accomplished something today. I am still a little shattered from yesterday’s flight, these things are going to happen but we have been travelling long enough to know better. It was definitely complacency on my behalf as I had done the accommodation, hire car and flight booking. It’s the old, cause and effect. Anyway hopefully we will learn from it. I don’t know if Summer thinks so though, she is pretty quiet today. I cooked a nice chicken pasta and salad for dinner and we ate outside in the courtyard.

First dinner in our Villa in Rome, Italy.

First dinner in our Villa in Rome, Italy.

After dinner I started to look at how to get to the Colosseum. This will be our third or tre World Wonder. I am getting fired up.

Day 138

Colosseum will have to wait.

We stayed in again today. The girls have a bit of school to catch up on and it is actually quite easy to relax in this place. We all took our time getting into our groove, I then had to take Spring to the local park for her Physical Education, soccer. We found a little plastic bounce ball that we used as the soccer ball. Not not much of a soccer ball or park either, more like dirt, we had fun though going through, dribbling, trap pass and headers. Then walked over to the local kids swing and play area for a while.

We returned and Summer taught Spring how to make home made chicken schnitzel for dinner.

Spring making schnitzel, Rome, Italy.

Spring making chicken schnitzel, Rome, Italy.

In the end a nice relaxing day at the farm house.

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