Day 136

How to turn a good day into a shocker!

We had a nice relaxing start to the day. Checked out Nafplio castle on the headland, the views over the town and waterway were pretty amazing.

Nafplio is a very beautiful place, check out some street shots on our instagram account.

Nafplio castle above the harbour, Greece.

Nafplio castle above the harbour, Greece.

Spent a couple of hours up here and then left for a quick bite of lunch prior to travelling back to Korinthos to check out its castle. We followed the right road this time and got to the castle 1515 and it had shut 1500. We were not meant to visit this one as we have tried two days in a row.

Sticking the camera between the bars at the entrance to Korinthos Castle, Greece.

Sticking the camera between the bars at the entrance to Korinthos Castle, Greece.

Never mind, we were starting to run out of time for our flight at 2000. We made our way to Athens International airport next stop Rome. We arrived at the airport 1630 with what we thought was plenty of time to spare.


The CAR: We couldn’t find the Europcar drop off point. We went from the rental car drop off area to departures at the airport and Summer ran in to information and they said ‘look out for a representative holding a placard’. What! That can’t be right. Then I remembered a few days back when we got the car (I said the lady was rubbish at her job so I just packed the bags but should have listened) she gave me a map of the drop off point which was not at the Airport. Mind you this took 15 minutes to figure out so we raced back around to the drop off point. We didn’t find it until 1700 and then got on the Wifi as we waited for the shuttle bus back to the airport.

The ACCOMMODATION: We hopped on the wifi to check our accommodation and found an email confirming the accommodation in Rome had fell through so we were quickly on another hotel booking site trying to find another place. The bus had come but we were still booking a place to stay so he waited a little. We booked something far out of Rome and jumped in the shuttle bus. Got back to the airport 1730 went to the post office to send one spare bag home. But we had to plastic wrap it up stairs and had no cash on us.

The FLIGHT: We went upstairs and approached the counter to check in at 1745. If booking with RyanAir, please print out of your booking and boarding pass, I didn’t know this was required, I really should have read the terms and conditions, but there was still hope we could do an online check-in, the only problem it was in Greek on Summers phone and I couldn’t log in with the iPad. The lady at the counter tried to help but we missed the 1800 check in cut off. We now had to pay $45 Euro each to get checked in and the seats only cost us $25 Euro. We did manage to get the extra bag mailed home but with the remaining luggage and our ‘fine‘ for not doing an online check in costing us $270 AUD on top of our online check in, we paid $662 AUD for a one and a half hour flight.

All three of these things were on me. Summer usually does the computer bookings but I took on these and so I was in the bad books big time. I think the lady at the final check in counter felt sorry for me and gave us seats 4 B, C, D, E and didn’t charge me any extra for the luggage that was still over weight.

This confirms for me that things really do happen in 3’s couldn’t find Europcar drop-off, hotel cancelled in Rome and then having to cough up more coin than the cost of our flights to Rome.

By 1830 we were at the gate and while waiting Summer went for a walk and she came back with a bag of chips for the girls and two beers and cashew nuts for us. Phew I thought she had left me. We had a shocker and needed to just relax for a minute to collect our thoughts.


When we arrived in Ciampino Airport we jumped in a taxi and the maniac started to do 180kph down the freeway, I am sure he also took us the long way when he turned off his Satnav and so we ended up paying $60 Euro. We finally arrived at our new accommodation 2230 it was a large 2 bedroom Italian villa, in the middle of nowhere.

We spent a ridiculous amount of money on this day, $752 AUD in total, so much more than our 5 cheapest days in India.

We will be doing nothing for a few days to recover.

6 thoughts on “Winters Chilling Tales #83

  1. Hey guys, not sure if you are going to Pisa while in Italy. My closest friend runs a b&b called dacindy in a place called san prospero. I don’t know prices but she’s australian and speaks english. Watch out for the Romans they love to rip off the tourists.

    1. Thanks Melinda, Do you mean the Romans in the costumes? Very funny aren’t they? We are going to Pisa so will check out your recommendation. Summer

      1. All Romans! LOL But watch out for the ones dressed up too. Not to mention the Gypsies. They will spot a tourist at 20 paces!

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