Day 135

Nafplio via Korinthos.

Our hotel in Loutraki had no wifi in the room but great wifi downstairs in the bar and lobby areas. In fact the best we have had in a while. So the girls got some school work done in the morning prior to check out.

We then made our way from here to the Europcar agent, funny…lights are on but no-body is home. The door was open and so I rang him from his own landline and he advised me he was out picking up another car and would be back in half an hour. We left and decided to go see the Corinth Canal.

See the feature image of this post.

Pretty awesome how they just cut this massive canal to join the Aegean sea with the Ionian sea. We only had a yacht sailing up it so didn’t get the classic photo of a boat that looks like it shouldn’t fit.


We went back to the Europcar and extended our car hire for a day. We then made our way to Nafplio and on the way tried to visit Korinthos castle but the road kept leading us to the motorway so we missed out. We will get it on our return.

We decided to make our way to Argos castle, and this was actually shut for major renovations. The view was spectacular so we had our packed lunch on the steps and then left.

Argos Castle, Argos, Greece.

Argos Castle, Argos, Greece.

Got in to Nafplio at 1600 found another hotel with breakfast for $50 euro, unloaded and had a look around town. Very picturesque little town.

Check out our Instagram account for some great street shots.

The ancient town with the castle backdrop is pretty awesome and we plan on making it to this castle tomorrow. Returned for some school prior to heading out for dinner.

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