Day 14

Summer Palace.

Last full day in Beijing it also happens to be first day it has been overcast since we have been here. We decided to go to the Summer Palace. This place is massive. We really were not prepared for such a big place maybe a temple or 2 and quick stroll through. No it is huge with the biggest ice skating ring I have ever seen once you get over the hill. Spewing it was overcast because the photos of this place would have been sensational.

We battled through the weather and were equally impressed with this place as Forbidden City, once again the preservation of the history and culture just blew us away. We went in the western gate and exited the eastern gate, not quite sure where we were. Little Spring had a little panic when we were lost and then we saw all the rickshaws taking tourist back to the train station. Time for the foot falcon to come out and the sprint was on. Autumn and I chased a rickshaw far enough and kept close enough to see the sign for the train station 500 metres up the road. Cha ching.

The locals must have been wondering what was up with this family. We then stumbled across this beautiful little alley way. Just had a look through at the history and then down to the subway. We had to revisit Quanhai for ice skating again. The kids wouldn’t stop talking about it and we thought when we are really going to skate on a natural lake again.

Second iceskating trip small


Summer declined and hired a sleigh. Wise move, I had another crack and within 15 minutes my feet were stuffed. Anyway I battled on, the sleigh was good for relaxing my feet and a way to learn as it gave you something to balance against whilst skating. Skated for about 1.5 hours under lights as it was becoming dark. Really cool and something we have never experienced before.

We wanted to have a nice dinner as part of our last meal in Beijing. Pulled into a fancy looking restaurant for a feed. There was plenty of delectable’s on the menu. Duck tongue, stewed donkeys knee and camel tendon (I am not joking) We stuck to the stable of dumplings and fried rice but lashed out on some authentic spicy chicken. It was a really nice way to spend our last day in Beijing. I don’t think it will be our last though and we have already started to flag the idea of coming back when the weather is not in the minuses.

We will wait and see but Beijing gets a big thumbs up from us.

3 thoughts on “Winters Chilling Tales #8

  1. Fantastic commentary guys. You are the new age Attenborough’s. Keeping it real, you are representing !!

    p.s. : your place is great, amazing how many people you can get in here for a party . Full on .

    1. Thanks BG we are having a ball. Just like you in our place. We wont have a place to stay when we get back so we will just lob up to yours????

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