Day 132

More Greek history.

Today we got our little hire car, a Nissan Micra, or ‘mick ra’, as they say it in Greece. The lady serving us was not real good at her job, took for ever to get the paper work sorted and then she wanted to show me how to drive the car, in the end I said I was fine with driving a few maps of Greece would help though. Then Summer decided to ask how to get to the Temple of Poseidon. Her response was gold, you don’t want to drive there it is a long drive, you understand miss. We looked at each other and thought isn’t that why we just hired a car?

Anyway I didn’t want to talk to her so I loaded all our luggage, she must have been thinking they are not going to fit all that in that little car. Well we did and it was fine. Because the lady was so rubbish we decided to just drive off with no assistance from her on how to get out of Athens. We were lucky because we headed off in the right direction. Summer had located where we were on the map, we ended up on the coast road to the Temple of Poseidon.


The coastline was amazing all these little beaches littered with umbrellas. The beaches close to the city were packed, couldn’t believe how some of the beaches are at the bottom of sheer cliffs edges, people walk down and find themselves a little section of pebbles. Truly spectacular though is the water colour, never seen such blue water.

Driving along the coast and we saw heaps of swimming spots, the water was perfect, Athens, Greece.

Driving along the coast and we saw heaps of swimming spots, the water was perfect, Athens, Greece.

Because the sightseeing was so much fun, it felt like we had reached the Temple of Poseidon in no time. Realistically roughly 2 hours of driving. Autumn has always been into her Greek Mythology, just didn’t realise how much and this was on her bucket list to see. It didn’t disappoint. Truly amazing. I think pretty well intact for it location on the headland, it would have seen some wild weather in its time.

Temple of Posiedon, Sounion, Greece.

Temple of Posiedon, Sounion, Greece.

Walked the track, the sun was hot but the breeze cool off the coast. I think we were also a bit tired and hungry it was 1400. If we hadn’t been to the Parthenon first and spoilt by the enormity of it, we would have appreciated this more. So we left for some lunch. Drove to the next town south and got some pastries from a little bakery. The woman who helped the old man serve us then comes out with the biggest Aussie accent “do you want some straws for the littlies drinks”.

It was funny as she looked and was speaking Greek. The girls talked to her and she said she was from Melbourne and lived here with her husband. She gave us directions to the motorway north as we were heading back up past Athens to Meteora.

We got on the motorway and was off, the little Micra was going good but I was still being overtaken, the speed limit was 130kph, our little car could reach this on a downhill run, 120kph was our set speed. 3 hours on the motorway and then we had to cross a couple of mountain ranges, we were pulling into Kalambaka 1845.

We found a hotel $50 euro per night with breakfast, awesome. From here unloaded and went for a walk around town, you can’t miss the rock formations and can see one of the six monasteries from here. Had some dinner returned to the hotel for some Wifi in reception, how to get around Meteora and then off to bed.

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