Day 129

Spewing to leave Skopelos (one of us did)

What a travel day, well first of all had a rubbish night sleep, a storm whipped through last night enough to wake me up and think about how the ferry will not be coming because it is too rough. Then the wind kept blowing the awning umbrella against the railing of our balcony making a weird, bang/screech noise we had not heard before.

Our lounge room and master bedroom had balcony's in Skopelos, Greece.

Our lounge room and master bedroom had balcony’s in Skopelos, Greece.


Anyway up 0545 final pack and check over rooms and then taxi picked us up 0630 and took us to Skopelos Port. There were people waiting for the ferry but no chance a ferry was coming into the port as the seas were the roughest we have seen since we have been here. The taxi driver had some other passengers to pick up in the morning so I assume he arranged his wife, also a taxi driver, to take us to over the other side of the island. It was 0645 by the time we were picked up by the second taxi and our ferry was due to depart 0700.


We got to the other side 0700 on the dot and there was a few more people waiting here so we assumed we had made it. In total we parted with $25 Euro in taxi fare, which we had not planned on, it is really poor how the whole ferry system is run for this company as the larger Hellenic had put on a bus for its passengers to get over the other side of the island for their 0715 ferry. We felt ripped by the taxi but glad we had made the ferry.

We saw the ferry come around the headland from the bus shelter we were standing in to hide from the wind. It was a beast and pulling in really fast, so fast we didn’t get a photo of it up on its skis.

We found this photo of the Flying Dolphin off the internet. It looked like this as it came around the headland to pick us up.

We found this photo of the Flying Dolphin on the internet. It looked like this as it came around the headland to pick us up.

We managed to get a shot of it as it pulled up to the wharf.

Our fast and furious ferry pulling into Agnonta, Skopelos, Greece.

Our fast and furious ferry pulling into Agnonta, Skopelos, Greece.

We boarded 0715 and the kids were super pumped. It was a fast ferry that looked mean and was going to get it us there in no time. We departed the wharf and were up on the ski’s, all fun, until we hit open water. It was so rough the hatches were shut, Summer said to me we cannot keep doing this pace through the swell, I though it was smoother as we were out of the water on the ski’s, then about 15 minutes in to the trip the hull of the boat (which is semi out of the water as we were still on the ski’s) hit a huge wave, this along with going down the other side of the wave made it feel like we had dropped off the edge of a really bad roller coaster.

We realised the skipper had just shut it down. We went from flat stick to nothing after that wave and I panicked. I thought for sure we had an engineering failure of some sort and an instant sweat came over me. We bobbed around for what felt like for ever but realistically only 30 seconds then an announcement was made, we would have to cruise at a slower speed due to the weather. The swell was well above the window line of the boat and really scary. By now sweat was running down my face and dripping off my elbows, my shirt was becoming see through due to the amount of sweat I was leaking.

By this time little Spring had been through 2 sick bags and was onto her third. Autumn was dry reaching into hers and then taking rests by closing her eyes and trying to talk herself out of being sick. Summer coudln’t look after all three and so one of the crew came and handed me about 20 pieces of paper to dry myself, handed about 20 sick bags to us all and helped fan Spring while I fanned myself and Autumn and looked out to the horizon. I wasn’t far off spewing either.

After we began at the slower speed all I could see and hear was other passengers to the right of me spewing into their sick bags and I tried to block them out and look past them to the horizon. Thankfully, once we passed the open water and back protected by the islands we were again back on the ski’s and flat out. The hatches were open fresh air in and then everyone was well again and probably saying to each other it wasn’t that bad. BUT it was so bad.

Got into Volos 0930, 30 minutes behind schedule, not to bad. We stopped off at the yacht club, had a coffee and then made our way to the bus station, got the 1030 bus to Athens. Arrived Athens 1500 and it was pouring rain. Got a cab to the hotel and just relaxed for a couple of hours before going to a large shopping centre as it was indoors and still raining outside. We were so happy to have made our next destination and it is funny how it was such a roller coaster and then we let the kids play in a Game zone arcade in the shopping centre and they picked a motion and sound ride. I think we laughed more than usual because we were just relieved to not be in the water.

The girls in a game zone in Athens, Greece.

The girls in a game zone in Athens, Greece.

We had a lot of fun playing for a while and then had a cheap dinner and returned for a good nights sleep.

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