Day 114 to 117

It’s the simple things.

We really have embraced the Greek lifestyle quickly. Safe to say we have spent days at our apartment just relaxing as the girls have caught up on some school work, Summer has been blogging and I have been doing the domestics. We have all had our little chores to do and our own space to do it in.

It really is the simple things that matter, like the ability to spread out and have a bit of space to ourselves. Before arriving on Skopelos we had traveled for 31 days from Unawatuna in Sri Lanka. Our longest stay in the month was in Alappuzha, where we spent 5 days resting in a wonderful homestay.

As a result of the hectic schedule, Summer got a head cold in Marmaris, Day 111, and has spent the rest of the time on advil and sitting at the computer.

The four of us have done pretty much nothing but lounged around in our apartment. This is the first place we have stayed in were we can cook, apart from the little bit of cooking we did in the campervan through Turkey.

In reality it is cheaper to stay in a hotel with breakfast and eat out for lunch and dinner, everyday and night, in Asia than to rent an apartment and cook for yourself. However, we now have to reign in our budget and so this place is perfect.

The streets of Skopelos, Greece.

The streets of Skopelos, Greece.

In the last few months we have outsourced everything, cooking, laundry and transport. It’s great that we can spread out and have some personnel space, the ability to do our own laundry, cook, eat and clean up what and whenever we like. We are even thinking about hiring a car to get around the island and see the Mamamia film locations.

Our apartment complex is 1 kilometre up the hill from Skopelos town centre, which is great because it deters us from eating out every night, but we did pop down one night. We ate in a Traverna on the waterfront where the Grandma (or the ya ya) oven baked an awesome goats pasta. I have never eaten goat before, I have drank goats milk, eaten goats cheese and bathed in goats soap but this was the first time I have eaten the meat and it was so tender. I got the run down, apparently the goats on the island drink salt water from the sea thus giving them tender juicy meat.

Hand shearing sheep, Skopelos, Greece.

Hand shearing sheep, Skopelos, Greece.

One day I decided to take one of the free pushbikes down the hill and gave Autumn a double so that we could both take some photos.  The problems began when we tried to return up the hill, Autumn fell off the front ripping her pants and so she hopped on and rode while I was left to walk. So I think there will be more relaxing done.

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