Day 13

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

Well this morning was a bit of a chill out morning just watched the replay of Australia’s win in the Asia cup in Chinese. Yes it was a big deal in China also. Summer is trying to download some school stuff for the girls. I did say the internet is terrible in this place, I actually think big brother is watching. Anything to do with Google, gmail is really rubbish but the school stuff seems to be working OK at the moment and you can get the online ‘Timeout in Beijing’ no problem, very weird. Summer persisted for a couple of hours while the kids read some books.

It was my choice today for a chilled out activity so I thought we could go to the Yashow markets to check out how to haggle. Got the train to Tuanjiehu and walked down to Yashow, this seems to be a very western area with all the consulates around the station and walking down the side street plenty of western style restaurants, we grabbed a bite to eat at some random western bar. The burgers and fries were nice just what we were after since we have been smashing rice, noodles and dumpling for the last 4 days.

Looks to be a bit of a night club (kings cross) sort of area to me. Walked to the site were the markets are supposed to be and it is now a construction site. Spewing walked up and down the street to confirm and triple checked. Backup plan? No, but the Silk St Markets were close by so we jumped on the train to Yonganli station. You leave the station but you don’t and just walk straight into the Silk St Market. Which is not actually a street but just a massive 7 storey shopping complex of all sorts of stuff from clothing to electronics.

I believe the stuff were fakes but I could not tell and the quality was great. I bought a tee shirt for $50 cny, which is about $10 aust, it started at $300. I know this shirt back home would be easily $50, then we did the 2 for 1 at the same place for Autumn to have a spare shirt.

Autumn loved shopping at the silk markets Beijing, China.

Autumn loved shopping at the silk markets Beijing, China.

Summer has packed in my old red wheelie suitcase from when I used to travel a lot for work. It was missing a leg so it would sit lop sided, trashed falling apart but was massive and did the job. We were always going to get a new one and found this one at a sort of Kathmandu/Anaconda store. It is a similar sized roller suit case that folds in half so you can pack the entire bottom contents zip over the divider and then pack the top contents starting price for us $680 cny we got it down to $350 cny and a deal was done went to get the new bag as the display one was damaged they had no stock left. The lady wasn’t done yet, she pulled out the big brother exact same bag just on steroids for the same price.

The kids started being like the shop assistants and putting the prices on the calculator’s pretty funny but Spring had a few to many 000’s on the end of her calculator, they all wanted her to work in the store. We grabbed the bag and brought it back to the hotel and then realized just how massive it was. We will load it up and then at the airport move all the contents around so all the bags are under the 20kg limit. All up a pretty good day haggling with the kids, I might add the girls working in the stores would have been lucky to be 18 and they had fairly good sales skills for such young ages. I don’t know if our 2 girls picked up on this. Anyway pretty good experience for all of us.

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