Day 106

Troy visit.

We went to the ruins of Troy this morning. It is definitely not in Greece. We drove the camper up to the entrance and parked out front and got stung 10TL which is 5AUD. We should have left it at the camp site and walked.

As soon as you enter the park you walk up to a replica of the Trojan Horse and can climb up into it. There are some actors in costume waiting to get you dressed to pose and pay for pictures but I just didn’t feel like paying to not look like Brad Pitt.

Spring and Autumn in the Trojan Horse, Troy, Turkey.

Spring and Autumn in the Trojan Horse, Troy, Turkey.


After some free photos we walked around a circuit amongst the ruins. Amazing to think that the city was first built here in 3000BCE. We took some time to discuss this with Autumn because she is older and understands the significance. These ruins are the oldest we have seen. The Great Wall was built less than 1000BCE and onwards into the Common Era, Angkor Wat in the 12th Century and the Taj Mahal in the 17th Century.

As you walk around you can see the many layers of each city as they were built on top of each other over time. From mud brick walls all the way to sandstone and then finally marble. Each city layer is called a ‘Strata’. Lightbulb moment for Summer and I, strata is what we pay for living in an apartment….did this come from Troy?  No, google search back in the campervan and it is a common geological term for layers of composition, ah well, it sounded good.

We don't have a theater in our strata block. Troy, Turkey.

We don’t have a theater in our strata block. Troy, Turkey.

We read that archaeologists in the mid 1800’s sought out sites to raid them for treasure and dismissed the historical value. This is the first site to record extensive details of the dig and start a historical timeline. So it was the first example of modern archaeology that we know today.

After Troy, we traveled in our campervan South to a place called Ayvalik. Again this camp site is within a national park and we had to cross two causeways to get to a second island away from the mainland. So it was a mission to get to and we got lost a couple of times and ended up arriving at 2030. It was dark and we couldn’t see a thing but this old guy led me to a spot and said ‘take your pick I think this is suitable‘. Our van was only 10 meters from the waters edge. We set up power, had some dinner, showered up and went to bed listening to the water lap the stones.

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  1. Wonderful and interesting story…….today is another special day HAPPY BIRTHDAY Winter. Xxxxxxx

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