Day 105

Gallipoli, Dardanelles, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine.

Summer and I woke up at 0600, before the girls and drove straight away for Cannakale. It was a long and picturesque drive south. The roads are the best we have travelled on. We stopped on the side of the road to cook up some eggs and headed further South. We caught the ferry over to Gallipoli on the European side of Turkey. From here we drove South some more, with the Dardanelles on our left and the forest to our right it bright and colourful. When we arrived in Anzac Cove we saw the remnants of the 100 year celebration that took place only 9 days earlier.

We took our time and had a good look around, reading each of the plaques 1 to 10 about the significant stages of this epic battle. It is a quiet place, the water was like glass, not a breeze about, which really made it quite eery and somber. There was no way we were going to Turkey without visiting Gallipoli and we were all excited about seeing this historically significant location.

Another bucket list item but worth it. Anzac Cove.

Another bucket list item but worth it. Anzac Cove.

We then made our way to the one-way driving loop that takes you to Lone Pine and back to the museum. This too is a special place for the Anzac’s and again there was a lot of remembrance material around and seating still set up from the Anzac day celebrations. It would have been a very emotional experience during the ceremony for the 100 year celebration as we were emotional and we were 9 days late.

Lone Pine.

Lone Pine.

Both Autumn and Spring were amazed at how young some of the diggers were. Overall it was a moving experience what with the grave stones, notes and crosses left over from the recent visitors. The only let down was the make-shift grandstands blocking the outlook.

We rejoined the street and drove to Eceabat and caught a ferry to Canakkale. After driving through this modern and busy town we headed toward Troia (Troy). Yes the Trojan horse story that I thought was in Greece is somewhere just down the road from Canakkale. We found our first campervan camping site in the middle of the National Park only 500 metres from the Troia Museum.

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