Exit Asia – or is it?

Day 100

New Delhi too many people staring.

Not much happening this morning, we just let the girls have a well-deserved sleep in. A little bit of school before venturing out to Conaught Place (CP). CP is a central business and shopping area of New Delhi. We went via tuk tuk, no problems encountered and then walked around. We got led astray buy the local hawkers. They told us there was a large 4 storey shopping centre close by with plenty of food and A/C. We thought that would be better than walking around in the heat and so headed toward it, but, unfortunately we had been had. We were taken to a textile place. When we realised it was a ruse to get Westerners to shop and the tuk tuk driver was looking for a commission we asked to be returned to CP.

After getting over our frustration, luckily we only parted with two tuk tuk fares equaling $2 AUD, we had some lunch and then ventured out to Red Fort via tuk tuk. This fort is a very impressive place. I can only imagine that with a little TLC all the historical sites in India, possibly bar the Taj Mahal, could be improved, similar to that of China’s, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, which were all immaculate.

Red Fort Delhi

Red Fort Delhi

Anyway you can appreciate and visualize the grandness of  the Red Fort and all the buildings and interwoven water channels that they used to bath in. We walked back out to get a tuk tuk and was swamped by drivers all shouting at us to get a fare. The people have no problem getting right up into your face and telling you what you should do. Essentially, the crowds of people are reflective of the traffic, just completely mad. The sheer volume of people milling around and staring at the girls throughout Mumbai and Delhi, I think has just worn thin on us. I read over the post for Alappuzha and think how distant and relaxed that place is compared to the likes of Mumbai and New Delhi. We have had enough of India and can’t wait to get out now and get over to Turkey. Tomorrow Asia will be finished (or will it?), along with the first of our 3 leg world tour.

Day 101

Big Travel Day.

We decided not to sleep our last night in Delhi because we had to be up at 0100 for our transfer to the airport to catch a 0400 flight to Dubai, so we didn’t see the point, yet both the girls did sleep while we worked on computers. Our first flight from Delhi to Dubai was only 3 hours and I slept maybe an hour on the flight. We then had a 14hour stop over in Dubai international airport. Summer saved $700 AUD booking this flight and thought she was pretty smart but when we departed our flight in Dubai we realised that we had 14 hours in Terminal 2 (basically a refurbished domestic terminal) all the way on the other side of the runway from the luxurious main airport. At first we were deflated but realised we just had to deal with it.

After walking around duty free about 5 times we grabbed some breakfast. We then found a spot to set up camp and Summer had a sleep first while I stayed on guard. It was freezing in the airport and Summer woke shivering so we walked around duty free again another 5 times and had a pommy shower with all the sample perfumes and found a warmer place in the airport to camp. This worked for us and so I had a sleep. We even had a charging point which we claimed as ours. So the girls were able to do school and we updated everything we could off line (photos, word docs). Before we knew it we were boarding our 2045 plane to Istanbul Turkey. Jumped on and I think I fell asleep before take off.

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