Day 92

Catch up day Alappuzha.

Today we just stayed at our homestay. We went down stairs for some breakfast and then returned up stairs for the girls to get a jump on some school work as the school term has started. I decided to have a crack at laundry, it is really labour intensive hand washing and I was bored within 5 minutes. I hung all the washing up and sure enough it decided to rain. Anyway not much else happened, the girls finished school, I got some take away lunch and then our 2 girls went down stairs and played with their 2 daughters for the afternoon. Summer and I re-organized bags and packed ready for our transfer to Mumbai tomorrow.

Friends made in Alappuzha.

Friends made in Alappuzha.

Day 93

Transfer Mumbai.

Today we had a 1350 flight from Kochi to Mumbai. Kochi is only 55km from Alappuzha but can take up to 3 hours to get there so we said our goodbyes at 0930. The kids were sad to leave their new friends. Sure enough we arrived 1230 Kochi airport so had plenty of time. First obstacle was the security guard that didn’t accept Summers email flight confirmation and so we had to get a print out from the check in counter outside the building. Next obstacle we encountered was at screening when the staff asked us which airline we were travelling on, 5 times. Next thing, at check in, we had excess baggage, the lady serving was actually laughing at how much baggage we had and this got up Summers nose. So we took the bags back, unloaded and transferred school books and all my clothes into backpacks for carry on. When we returned the bill had gone from $4000 Indian Rupee to $1500 INR, saving ourselves about $60 Aust. We flew on a budget Indian domestic carrier with a baggage limit of 15kg, so much for saving money on flights.

Kochi domestic departures lounge.

Kochi domestic departures ‘lounge’.

Once on the plane it was actually nice and new and a very pleasant flight. Arrived Mumbai approx. 1630 and then got on the WiFi looking for a place to stay. We ordered a pre-paid taxi inside the terminal and then jumped in with one of the suitcases attached to the roof. After an hour drive witnessing some of the worst driving ever, we arrived at a hotel in South Mumbai with no booking. Summer is trying to decrease how much work she has to do online. Lucky enough we got a room for a pretty good deal and checked in. The hotel is right on a busy street and all you can hear is the horns of the traffic all day and night. Plus we have already seen horse and cart rides are available from right out our window.

We went to a small restaurant/bar for dinner, recommended by the hotel staff, just up the street. I got talking to the people on the table next to me and asked for tips on what to see and do in Mumbai. I swapped some contact details with a man named Mr Mulani just in case we needed anything else or wanted to catch up with him again. He was a nice old guy and we had a good joke about the cricket world cup. He thinks without Smith, Australia would not have made the final and won the world cup. After a few more beers we headed back to the hotel for bed. It was nice to finally be able to have a beer with dinner, first time since landing in India.

The only time I will drink Fosters, as bottled water.

The only time I will buy Fosters, as bottled water.


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