Day 89

We like Alappuzha.

Today we went for a walk into town to check it out. It was pure madness Saturday everyone was out doing their shopping so we went into the Indian Coffee House for a break. These are a funny little co-op set up, a throw back from the British influence with the guys serving wearing traditional dress. Grabbed a couple of drinks and ice cream for the girls.

Indian coffee house

Indian coffee house

Then went back out for a walk and it was still mad, to the point were Summer wanted to get out of there, so we got a Tuk Tuk to Alappuzha beach. I wouldn’t swim in the ocean here but it was OK to say we have visited. I am sure it would be nicer during sunset. We then walked along the beach to where they were going to hold a sand sculpture display. They weren’t complete so we moved on to the light house. On the way we caught a serious game of backyard cricket, with teams, umpire, commentator on a loud speaker and trophies. We saw 2 x wickets fall and then moved on to the light house and sure enough it was closed between 1100 – 1400. Got some photos and then walked around the back to the old factories where workers were stacking the bags of rice. This was actually a really good photo opportunity, I think.

Back into town via the maddest Tuk Tuk driver we have had, he even went down the footpath to avoid the traffic jam, grabbed some lunch at the bus stop and returned for Autumn to complete some school work. Summer decided to do some washing in the bathroom so we had the Chinese laundry set up on the balcony. It actually worked quite well and we will have a full compliment of clothing by tomorrow.

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