Day 88

Indian Train Ride.

Up 0630 to pack and then brekkie, checked out 0900 and transferred to train station. Arrived 0930 and Summer went to the ticket booth as advised yesterday. The guy here was also very helpful as we had all our luggage and he said sleeper would be better as we could take all our bags on and have them with us.

What a pleasant surprise the sleeper cabin is. It is not air conditioned like 1st class and we say they were packed full of people, just like the guy said, and their large luggage had to go in the hold. Sleeper class has six bunks on one side and two bunks on the other in each area and the whole cabin is open with no privacy doors. All the windows have double shutters and we kept ours open, even though it was loud. We had the entire 8 bunk space to ourselves.

Autumn enjoying the top bunk on the train.

Autumn enjoying the top bunk on the train.

It was really fun and the 3 hour ride went by quickly.

There was plenty of inland lakes and little towns to look at. Before we knew it we were at our destination Alappuzha.

We got a taxi to a homestay that Summer had looked up but not booked as we have found that you get rooms cheaper if you contact them direct or just turn up.

We were  greeted by 2 girls of similar age to ours. It was a really nice surprise for all and the kids hit it off so we just stayed around for the afternoon while the kids played games. We met their grandma who was looking after them as they were on school holidays. The father then came home and I had a chat with him about the price and the girls were immediately treated like members of the family.

Summer and I then decided to go for a walk into town but the kids didn’t want to come so we went alone and wandered to the local hotel/pub.

Summer in Indian drinking parlour.

Summer in an Indian drinking parlour, Alappuzha, Kerala, India.

It is not really a pub as the state of Kerala is trying to be a dry state. So we went in and it is full of men coming home from work smashing a beer and then walking out. And I mean smashing a beer. Back home we usually sit, chat with mates over a beer, these guys literally come in for one drink smashed it and then walked out, very bizarre, even more bizarre with a blonde female at the bar. Again lots of staring at Summer, even funnier was the disgusting red wine she had to finish. I had to take a photo, it was very funny.

Anyone who wanted one for the road would have to disguise it in a brown or plastic bag and then conceal it somewhere on their person. It was interesting to watch.

Returned after the one beer and picked up the girls to go for some dinner.

Indian food when you eat it at the time fills you up so quickly but then a few hours later you are hungry again. We have been semi vegetarian since we have been India and tonight I slipped up and ordered a butter chicken. As we couldn’t distinguish between the chicken or tofu dish and both were nice, it didn’t stop us from eating it.

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