Day 81


Transfer day today and it all revolved around the Visa application centre.

We arranged to be picked up 1230 for our drive to Colombo. Said our goodbyes and was off approx. 1300. The driver didn’t take the coast road and went up the freeway. We had arranged through our tuk tuk driver Dinesh for a budget price transfer so we had to pay for the tolls. Got to the turn off for Colombo approx. 1415 and then just sat in traffic for 45 minutes until we finally got to the place 1500.

We went for some lunch and asked the driver if he would like to join us. He declined so we went to KFC at the kid’s request. Returned to the visa place 1615 went in to get passports. I was told 1630 for our passports anyway there was a queue as I grabbed a ticket and waited. Had my go and our passport were not there and then a young fellow came around with another bag full of passports, then realised that they must stagger the pick up time, grabbed the passport fresh out of the bag and we were off to Negombo.

I had semi arranged our accommodation in Negombo, actually I didn’t follow it through and all we had was an email for Motel Sunset Beach. Didn’t realise there was a Hotel Sunset Beach, these 2 in separate towns approx. 30km apart. Anyway arrived at the Sunset Beach Hotel Negombo and it is on the beach and talked to the reception staff and they arranged a room for us, they even allowed us to look at it prior to check in. This wasn’t the place I had arranged. It looked the goods as the sun was setting over the horizon so we checked in.

Summer was filthy at me as I had not followed through and was still able to jag a good hotel at a reasonable price. It is actually $25AUD less than what we were paying in Unawatuna. Then got on the Wifi and had a look at trip advisor, it had some really bad reviews and actually had a score of 4.6 / 10 on so my tyres got a little deflated after that. Anyway we had a good experience at check in and the room was OK. Kids went for a quick swim while the sun set then we went up to a restaurant recommended by the young guy at reception. It was nice and cheap returned to the room for bed.

Hotel room Negombo Sri Lanka.

Hotel room Negombo Sri Lanka.

Day 82

Good Wifi.

Done very little today, we actually have good Wifi for a change so we were on the computer doing Autumns school work and catching up on the news back home. It is amazing that even though not superfast how much more you can achieve with good Wifi. So with that I was off with Spring swimming, playing, walking the local area and entertaining her while Autumn and Summer got stuck into the computers. We witnessed plenty of sail boats out on the water another awesome sunset before returning to local street for dinner.

Day 83

Not much in Negombo.

Autumn continued with her school work in the morning and then we ventured out in the afternoon to Negombo city.

We wanted to check out the Dutch Canal, Fort and maybe fish markets. We decided to walk as it was a nice day and only 2km up the road.

It is quite spread out Negombo city and we walked straight into the market area of town. It was madness everyone getting ready for new year celebrations struggled to find a place to eat as they had shut for new year. Then we all started to melt so decided to get a Tuk Tuk he drove over the Dutch canal to the Fort.

Not much chop either places so the girls decided to cut the fish markets away and return to the hotel so the girls could have a swim. Witnessed another beautiful sunset over the ocean before a fairly ordinary feed up the road. Most of the places were shutting up so selection was limited. We were told that a senior Monk had died and the government decreed two days of mourning and no drinking alcohol or eating meat. Most restaurants adhered to the alcohol ban but not the meat ban for tourists, luckily.

We ate at a place that has a bottle shop attached, or a beer and wine shop as they are called and they allowed us to purchase beer. The deal was I had to have it in a tea pot and drink out of a coffee cup to disguise it was beer. Weird I still had tea leaves in the pot.

Sunset Negombo, Sri Lanka.

Sunset Negombo, Sri Lanka.

Day 84

The heavens have opened up.

It was a nice morning at breakfast but then it decided to just pour down with rain. It actually smashed down with rain until approx. 1230 and has been drizzly ever since. We were going to go on a sailing boat today out to a ship wreck and back. It is actually a large engine block sticking out of the water but have declined due to the weather. We have just laid around today doing not much at all. We transfer to India tomorrow 0735 flight so have been getting organized.

When we went for dinner I had to have my beer in a tea pot again much to the girls delight.

Next stop India.

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