Day 75

Easter Saturday Same Same.

Same routine as yesterday, breakfast and then down to the beach for a swim and return for some school work to be finished and submitted then that is it for Spring. Spring was pretty pumped to be able to stop school work for a couple of weeks but Autumn is not so impressed she still has to continue but will work through it. No dragons out today but plenty of monkeys swinging in the trees, these guys don’t really get close like the ones at Monkey Island, they just sit in the trees eating and watching us. They are very busy and entertaining as they jump from tree to tree. It is funny how they act they must follow one lead guy around to all the different trees. No one seems to break out and go pig out on a tree before the lead guy gets to it. They then jump onto the roof and move along to the next set of trees next door.

Out for lunch to the usual and then return for Autumn to continue with school work while Spring played games on her tablet. Down for a swim in the afternoon prior to coming back showering and out for dinner. The restaurant was recommended by our homestay host, it is right at the end of the beach away from the tourist area. Walked along the beach to get to it and was surprised how quite it was back here.

Had a look over the menu and asked if he sold beer as there was none on the menu, yes he does so I asked for one as he took our order. He then raced away on his motorbike for 5 minutes and brought back 1 beer. I thought this was strange and wondered if I was going to have a second. Anyway food come out and it was nice home cooked Sri Lankan dinner, I had finished my beer so asked for another, I felt a little silly as he raced away to get another beer. Anyway got the bill and it was only $21.90 4 x mains, 2 x beers, 2 x sprites. Couldn’t believe how cheap it was. Walked back along the beach as it was Saturday night and the beach front was all lit up, it was very nice then returned to the room for sleep.

Day 76

Happy Easter!

Today Summer had bought some chocolates for us all. We asked to put the chocolates out in the tea cups so they would come out with the breakfast. It got lost in translation, and they were still in the kitchen when the girls came out so we got them to go back to the room to put on some bug spray. Now all we had to do was get them from the kitchen and put them back in the cups before the girls came back. All good and it was a huge surprise. Next surprise, we were treated to some hoppers for breakfast, yum.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

We decided to walk over the mountain to Jungle Beach this morning. The walk was recommended to us as the quicker way because the tuk tuks have to go out of town and all the way around.

It is roughly a 30 minute walk so we decided to get on the runners as it is not a proper walking track. Glad we did, it is very rocky, would be extremely slow and uncomfortable in thongs. Walked over and it was boiling we were all a ball of sweat by the time we reached the top of the mountain. Took some photos of the Japanese Stupa built in memory of the Tsunami 10 years ago.

We then walked down to Jungle Beach. We now get why the locals kept going on about it. Very nice peaceful with not many people about, beach chairs shaded by palm trees, water is crystal clear with no waves, it suited us perfectly as we all jumped in for a swim to cool off.

Jungle Beach.

Jungle Beach.

Spent easily 2 hours down there and could have spent more if we had snorkel gear. Packed and readied ourselves for the return leg. This time we were going to go via a place called the Roof Top bar which was lit up last night and looks over Unawatuna. It was a fair old hike and we were all pretty stuffed by the time we reached Roof Top.

The thing is it, there was a 48 hour rave party that was still going. After walking this distance were not going to miss this photo shot, so with shirt off, hat on, I went up to the rave for a photo. It was funny mostly locals, only a couple of tourists in there listening to their dance music. It was busy but they were OK as I went over to the balcony for a photo. It is spectacular from up there.

We then went via the steep stairs down and came out on the corner of the Hut were we go for lunch. Couldn’t get any better so we went in for a late lunch and returned to the rooms to get out of the sun and allow the girls to watch a couple of movies. Went out when the sun went down for some dinner prior to bed. A big day in Unawatuna.

Day 77

Easter Monday.

Cannot believe it is Easter already, this year is going to fly by, before we know it we will be back home. We did very little for Easter Monday in Sri Lanka, back home on Easter Monday we would be packing the car up and more than likely fighting the traffic back into Sydney.

I think today we needed a day out of the sun, it is just so intense here you really have to be careful and after our day out at Jungle Beach yesterday our skin needed a rest or we will all start to become leather backs. So today Autumn continued with her school work, Spring played on her tablet and Summer looked over flights, accom, finances, and I got some laundry, water bottles sorted up the street.

For lunch today we walked just across the road from the homestay to a little shack that sells Roti to the Tuk Tuk drivers and so we decided to have a crack. They give us there little stools to sit on while they cooked them fresh. They only do 3 x styles plain, banana, and coconut but are so delicious. Don’t know why we haven’t been eating here earlier 4 x roti 6 x banana’s $240 rupee yep approx. $2.40 Aust and then next door to get peanut brittle $160 rupee.

This would have been the best photo, us in this little shack waiting for our roti. We promised we would be back tomorrow. When we got back to the room, Autumn came up with a plan wrap the roti around the banana, this was the best taste sensation ever and we all ate it like this. More school work, just staying out of the extreme sun prior to a swim at 1600, back for shower and up to the Hut for dinner. Tonight they had a power outage but that didn’t stop business but we were all a ball of sweat as the fans were off. It was extremely uncomfortable and if it was the first time we had been there we would not have come back but we know it is worth it as the food is so good and excellent value.

So Easter in Sri Lanka, sun, sand, a rave and little bit of chocolate.

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