Day 72

Iguanas are a lot smaller.

Well today we have finally seen our iguana friend out from the roof on the back steps of our landing. Somewhere lost in translation take 2; a few days back we asked our homestay host what was in the roof and he said a harmless iguana.

Well we have gone from a harmless iguana to a massive f*)#ing komodo dragon. It is huge, would easily be 30-40kg. We had to Google to find out what it was and confirm our iguana in the roof wasn’t on steroids. He must have went out for the morning while we went to the beach and is returning home and is as scared of us as we are of him but as we opened the door he didn’t run away just stood still watching us on the steps.

Then the old house keeper came around with his dog Tue and with his broom stick and his faithful dog began to fight the dragon. Tue V Komodo Dragon round 1 all the steps.

Round 1 KD V Tue

Round 1 KD V Tue

The old guy was trying to get the dragon back into the jungle but he wanted to go back into his roof home but we were between him and the roof and dog was between him and the jungle so he was undecided. This went on for a while and then we decided to go inside the room to see if the old man would let him go up the stairs into the roof. No he finally got the dragon off the stairs and Tue even though wearing a few swift whips of the tail to the snout finished the fight by getting the dragon back into the jungle. The old guy was just trying to look after us and has more than likely had to shoe it away more than once. We then went out for lunch and returned to do the girls school work.

Round 2 Komodo Dragon V Roof.

Round 2 KD V Roof

Round 2 KD V Roof

The girls noticed the dragon returning home again up the back steps, so we again popped our heads out for a look. Same story, he just stood and stared at us for a while. This time we went back inside and let him progress up to his house. He tried to crawl into the roof below our place and got stuck, I think because we were watching him through the window he was all puffed up so he backed out and had another go, still couldn’t fit we decided to film it was actually quite funny his tail in the air swinging as he is trying to fit in the roof below. He ended up having a rest half way in but still did not fit so returned to the jungle on this failed attempt to return home. We then returned to school work for the afternoon before venturing out for a quick swim prior to dinner. Needless to say our walks out of an evening will include a torch and we are on the look out for the big guy.

Day 73

There is more than 1 Komodo Dragon.

Today we had the same routine as yesterday morning, after breakfast went out for a swim and then returned for some school work.

This time we saw a dragon on the wall but a little smaller than the one we saw yesterday. When we started to come up the back steps and it quickly ran into the roof cavity. We all showered up and are now on Komodo Dragon watch. We suspect this might be the big guy’s lady friend, we are not Attenborough and really have no idea but it was a good story for Spring to take on.


The story has the same sort of story line as Shrek and Princess Fiona, they have little baby dragons. The girls got on with some school work, Summer checked over itinerary and I kept first watch for Mr Komodo. He didn’t return on my watch as the girls finished up there work we then headed out for lunch. We like to go to the Hut for the cheap Roti, I have 2 x vegetarian roti 80c each, summer has chicken and cheese at $3, autumn has cheese at $2 and spring has banana at $1.50. This ties us over until dinner time, is freshly cooked and real good value. Returned for some more school work and then out for a swim as it was a beautiful afternoon. Stayed for a drink down the beach and watched the sun set as it was just too nice a night to come in.

Returned to the room for a quick shower and then up the street to the Pink Elephant for dinner. This is right next door to our favourite restaurant the Hut and I would have to say very close to pipping it on their mains, only if they did rotties would they take the mantle for me.

Day 74

Iguanas are here for real


An actual iguana

Today we did the same routine as yesterday, breakfast out to the beach for a swim, return, shower school work prior to lunch. We have to get all the work submitted for Spring before the end of term. Unfortunately for Autumn she gets no break and just keeps going through because she has more work to do and is behind. We are going to make sure in second term that Autumn stays on top of it so we can all have a proper half year break.

While the girls were showering after their swim, Summer spotted something moving in the trees. We had a close look and it was a real iguana. This did not look remotely like a Komodo dragon. Actually I reckon the only thing they would have in common is being a lizard. Anyway it was really camouflaged and blended in well with the tree as it was trying to eat the little insects for some morning tea. Showed the girls what an iguana is supposed to look like, and then moved on with school work.

We then went out for lunch at the Hut but it was shut (poet didn’t know it) so we just walked up the street a little to another roty shop. It was OK but not as good as the Hut and more expensive. Returned to our room and Big Mr Komodo was again on the steps looking to get home. Old man broom stick and Tue to the rescue again. This time we were all a little more game and got closer to the action as we were still on the ground floor.

Round 3 Komodo Dragon v Old Man Broom Stick and Tue.

Round 3 KD V Tue on the stairs

Round 3 KD V Tue on the stairs

Broom stick prevented the big fella from going up the stairs any further and Tue just kept barking and sending the dragon the wrong way, towards us at pace. We all sh&t, Summer and Spring did the bolt to the dining room. Tue separated Old man, Autumn and I from the dragon. The old fella give me his broom stick and I tried to shoe the dragon away by hitting the ground, all I managed to do was break his broom stick into 3 pieces.

The dragon stayed and watched us as we quickly went around behind him and ran up the stairs. Into the safety of the rooms we were definitely on high alert dragon watch. After we all settled down it was into some more school work a couple of hours. We were interrupted by the big guy trying the stairs again, this time we stayed inside and just watched as he entered the roof cavity below. He managed to fit this time after 2 failed attempts. We heard some movement in the roof about half an hour later and stuck our heads out to see what was going on Mrs Komodo had her head sticking out and a young buff Komodo was climbing up the wall, we saw them both enter the roof together.

It definitely wasn’t the big guy because he cannot move that fast. My Shrek, Princess Fiona story is now flawed as Mrs Komodo has moved on to a younger more agile dragon. We have also gone from 1 harmless iguana to 2 komodo dragons in the roof for sure and 1 big guy in the roof below. Went out for a swim before dinner and saw the big guy with his head facing the stairs in the roof cavity below. He looked heart broken, no actually he looked half asleep as we walked past him and on our return was actually asleep in the same spot.

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  1. Wow, an exciting moment I can see the girls now and hear some little squeals, we will all laugh about this in years forward. Xxxx

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