Day 69

Cricket Final.

This morning we had Sri Lankan Breakfast, Hoppers. They are like a pancake, you can have plain or egg hoppers. The plain hoppers were a big hit with the girls, they just put butter and jam in them and folded them up, I got to eat 3 x egg hoppers with chilli, mmm nice.

Egg hoppers for breakfast with chilli.

Egg hoppers for breakfast with chilli.

I have never tried anything like this and it was a real taste sensation. We then went from breakfast and walked up the street, everyone was watching or listening to the cricket along the street, we then reached Nautilus again to watch the final.

My local mates were already there and gave me a full debrief on the first 10 overs. But this time there was some dodgy US marine guys in there, they were talking about their PTSD and all this other garbage looked like they were still on the drink from the previous night. We have seen these guys hanging around as they looked out of place with signature USMC tattoo’s but never had to deal with them, they still didn’t affect us this time but we could hear their conversation, it didn’t have a nice vibe in the place and one of the guys looked loose, like he could snap so we decided to move bars.

Went back to one closer to our place and the Wifi was excellent so the girls could actually get some school work submitted. It was a really nice place and comfortable so we stayed for lunch. Decided to keep a tab on how many beers we had ordered on the notepad. Australia won comfortably and we asked for the bill. We clicked 5 beers between us but when we got the bill it said 6. We questioned the staff and it was amended. Weird I don’t understand why for the price of 1 beer you would do that to your customers. That is now the third place we know of that has done it to us. Anyway returned to the room unpacked all school work and decided to go to The Hut for dinner again.

Day 70

Galle City Tour.

Today again we were given hoppers for breakfast. I think the staff treated us because we liked them so much yesterday. After breakfast we had a city tour with our Tuk Tuk driver.

First stop Old Galle Fort he just dropped us off and we walked around and met him at the light house. It was actually really nice to walk at our pace, it was a beautiful day. Walked the tourist track got stuck doing a school project for some local english students. It was OK until we were pestered by more and more students asking the same questions around each corner. The fort is actually really big and we would have easily walked for over an hour. It is very picturesque all the way around the fort and old town. Saw some monks having a swim in the rock beach by the fort, then walked a little further and was approached by the ‘world famous rock diver’, apparently we pay him to dive off the cliff. He was pretty adamant he was world famous and thousands of photos have been taken of him diving off the cliff. He was very persistent but we declined. Eventually made it to the light house and met with our Tuk Tuk driver.

Galle Fort Lighthouse.

Galle Fort Lighthouse.

We then toured throughout the old fort streets and then on to a wood work factory. Had a tour of the factory and all the different timbers used. It was very impressive, an old man hand making elephants in the workshop out the front using his feet to hold the timber while he was filing the shape. We then moved on from here to Galle Main Street and walked the length of it past the street stalls onto the fish markets and then met our Tuk Tuk driver at the end. Returned to Unawatuna for some lunch. Where else but the Hut for some Rotty. Then returned for some school work for the girls. This time on our return we had our monkey friends out having a feed in the trees above our roof. Actually really close to our balcony before another storm came in. The storm past through quickly and then we were out for dinner. Dhal curry with coconut sambal and pappadum sides, delicious.

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