Day 67

Chill out day.

Not much happening today, actual had to get a few things organised. So we did some laundry just in the local area. It was $2.50 per kilo, the cheapest I could find and the most we have paid since leaving Aust. It made Summer and I think, as we move further west it will become more expensive. We have to come back to reality, we will not be having 50 cent beers and living off $50-70 Aust dollars a day easily. We have also noticed it is slightly more expensive here in Unawatuna. Rice noodle meals range from $3.50-6 Aust and main dinner can go up to $10-15 for a seafood BBQ as you would expect same in a holiday area back at home.

Also when we were looking over the bills, on 2 of the bills we noticed a little discrepancy, funny that 1 extra drink made it on one bill and the price of a drink was different on another bill to what was on the menu. Didn’t pick up on it at the time because you get the vibe the people are so chilled out and honest, you just pay. We will be on watch for the next bills. Got some more school work for the girls done and then another storm rolled through. Went out for dinner after the storm and returned. It was a very slow and relaxed day in Unawatuna.

Day 68

Chill Out day II.

The girls have an Iguana living in the roof of their apartment.

For the first few days Summer and I were unsure, we both thought it was a carpet snake that had eaten a squirrel as we heard the claws running on the roof. We asked our homestay guest this morning and he said it was ‘an iguana, we may see him sunning on the grass and harmless’. Well today is the first day we have seen him outside and he is a big unit. Only on the wall when we opened the door to go out he got scared and run back into the roof. We will keep a watch out for him. Another chilled out day went for a swim in the morning prior to the midday heat. Returned showered up and went for lunch up the street. Went to a place called The Hut and it was delicious, the girls had a cheese rotti each and Summer and I had a chicken and cheese rotti with just enough spice on the chicken to give your lips a tingle and your body leak a bit of sweat.

Lunch at the Hut, Unawatuna.

Lunch at the Hut, Unawatuna.

Really nice and then returned to the room for school work. Another storm rolled through so this time I quickly ran down to the beach for a photo to see if I could get one of those classic storm rolling over pictures. No good on that mission. Returned and let the girls finish up their school work prior to dinner. Decided to go to the Hut again this time for a main. Ordered a chicken curry and man it was hot my mouth was on fire and it wasn’t just the chicken, the side dish of pickled beetroots and carrots were like an inferno. Shared my meal with Summer and both of us had tears in our eyes by the end of it. It was that hot. Returned to room, drunk about 2 litres of water and stood in front of the fan to cool off.

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