Day 64

Big Sleep.

We have 2 x separate rooms as part of our homestay. We actually have the entire top floor and balcony at the back of a large estate and really could have fit in one room at a pinch. The 2 rooms are different though, the adults have the Duran Duran suite (named after the band because the bands manager had an extended stay back in the 1980’s and has visited often since then) and the kids have the other which is air conditioned.

Spring didn’t want to stay the night in a room with her sister just yet and we understood it is a big deal for an 8yo so we swapped and she stayed with me in Duran Duran and Summer and Autumn bunked down in the room with the AC. This would have been the biggest and best sleep we all had. It was so quiet, away from the street and no other homestay guest around us.


We just lazed around prior to breakfast waiting for our monkey friends to return, unfortunately they didn’t. We then strolled on up to the beach for a swim. Returned for some homework prior to taking a Tuk Tuk back into Galle.

We have an outstanding issue with our Homestay host, every email communication we have had prior to coming here we have been asking what currency Sri Lanka deals in, and is the price in US dollar. Somewhere lost in translation on our arrival he was expecting us to pay in British pounds or US dollar upfront. We tried to look after him and get out US dollar on the first day and have returned to Galle to try again, however was unable to as the bank only takes US dollar and changes to Sri Lankan Rupee, it does not dispense them as our host thought. He is now upset as he was looking to trade the US dollar on the black market for a relative who is going to the UK. So we explain to him that every other hotel we stay in calculates to local currency if quoted in US dollar, at their exchange rate.

We are both getting a bit frustrated because we have also taken 2 x trips into Galle to get money and at this point we don’t understand what this guy is doing. We feel like we should just leave to find something else but we have mail on its way to this address and really need the long stay to relax. Eventually we did some research and came to a final discussion with him and sorted it out. Each trip into Galle allowed us to see some local sights. Fishing Sri Lankan style is very labour intensive. These massive nets are reeled in by hand by about 12-15 guys on the beach. The fish caught in the nets is then divided by the fishermen, we didn’t see any big tuna to get any of the locals excited. Returned to Unawatuna had dinner up the road and let the kids return for a movie night, we don’t have a TV so it is via laptop.

Fisherman Galle, Sri Lanka.

Fisherman Galle, Sri Lanka.

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