Day 62

Transfer Sri Lanka.

Today we have a night flight at 2130 to Sri Lanka via Mumbai. We have been fortunate that each hotel check out in Asia has been 1200 so we have used them all to the max when we have a late transfer. Today was no different, went down to breakfast 0930 pigged out return to room brush teeth and then went for one final walk around the local area. Returned packed checked out 1200 put bags in the storage room, then went for a light lunch and returned to the hotels roof top pool for the afternoon.

We then showered up approx. 1530 with all the hotels little soaps and shampoo. Guess what, we were not the only ones doing this there was a couple of others we had noticed at checkout doing the same thing. We all had a little sly smile with each other. All washed up we went down stairs picked up our luggage and then waited for our transfer to Bangkok airport at 1700.

Again we have managed to secure a maniac driver. We were advised the trip would take 1-1.5 hours but this guy did it in less. We were at the counter by 1800 our gate didn’t open until 1830 so we just joined the queue. This was interesting as there was no structure to the line and people just come and stand around, it was worse when the guy made the queues up into business, e check in and normal check in people went everywhere but where they were supposed to be. An old English traveller at the front of the queue fired up at the staff, it was a little frustrating but we got it in the end.

Checked in to Jet Airways with plenty of time we thought? By the time you clear all the security and customs it was 2000 and we were looking for some dinner as we were not sure if we were going to get a feed on this flight. Had some nice noodles at the airport however would have easily been twice as much as what we were paying in our local area in Bangkok, all airports are the same, they rob you blind just cause they can. Boarded the plane at 2030 as per schedule and we were off. Dinner was then served and it was a chicken curry with naan bread. I couldn’t resist had a crack and it was super. Fell asleep next stop Mumbai.

Day 63

Our kids are troopers.

Night transfers are hard-core for anyone no matter what mode of transport. Our kids have taken to them relatively well. On the first leg to Mumbai Autumn didn’t sleep, after having a second dinner on the plane she watched a Bollywood inflight movie until we landed. Spring on the other hand does not like flying and tries to sleep it off. She tries her best to fall asleep before take-off and sleep during flight until landing.

On this flight unfortunately she woke during landing and turned green. Didn’t spew on the plane and was being really brave. We didn’t realise how sick she was as we walked over the air bridge and entered the airport when she just spewed everywhere. The Jet airways staff were awesome took us to the bathroom then the cleaner looked after the girls in the bathroom while Spring got cleaned up. She is actually a very skilled spewer and got very little on herself (this could have been passed down from her father he loves a spew after a big night).

Returned to the gate and the staff just looked after us, took us to our transfer point and then we were all of a sudden at our next gate waiting for our flight to Sri Lanka at 0130, really easy could not believe how smooth the transfer was. We then boarded the plane approx. 0145 and departed Mumbai 0230. Spring feel asleep, Summer had a war with a young girl in front of her that decided to recline prior to take-off. Actually what I have noticed so far is that the European 21-25yo female travellers are the worse, they seem to think they know everything, very vocal, think they are correct, impose themselves on people and are the biggest pain in the arses we have encountered on our travels so far. I was again fed a curry that I couldn’t pass up. Then fell asleep. Actually we all had a little sleep on this flight and arrived 0500 Colombo, Sri Lanka. Collected bags passed through customs and then met our driver. He brought the van around and then took us to Unawatuna. This was all effortless and we were checking in to our homestay at 0730. We were greeted by the local monkeys who were just doing laps of the trees.

Monkey neighbour.

Monkey neighbour.

We were given some breakfast and then the day was ours. Went to the beach for a swim and spent the whole morning there. It was so hot, we just jumped in and out back under the umbrella. Had lunch down the beach and returned to the hotel for a rest. We all just hung out on the balcony of the homestay listening to music. Then we ventured back into town for dinner had a nice Sri Lankan curry and returned for bed. Today was a massive day but now we have 3 weeks by the beach so we have plenty of time to chill out and catch up on the girls school work.

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  1. Hello there 4 Seasons, Wow day 63 already! You have seen and done so many Wonderful things, sorry Spring was unwell on the flight, she did well holding out till you were off the plane, the poor thing, it’s rough getting sick when you’re travelling. Autumn and Spring are indeed troopers, they are awesome, they perfectly reflect their awesome parents, loving your posts and photos, you all look so relaxed and happy. Love you guys xxxx

    1. Thanks we miss you and can’t wait to catch up in person. love from all of us xxxxx

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