Day 55

Chill out.

This morning at breakfast in the hotel we met a Kiwi couple with 2 x kids who were travelling for 6 months. So we had a good chat to them while tall four kids played in the pool. Ended up approx. 1130 when we finally got the kids out a wrinkled mess and went our separate ways for lunch. We quickly went up the local shops for lunch and then returned for some school work prior to being picked up 1600 for an Angkor Wat Sunset. Our Tuk Tuk was on time and we were on our way. About 15-20 minute drive from our hotel to the ticketing booth. 3 x 1 day passes and Spring gets in for free. The tickets also have a photograph of yourself on them. We were then driven past the famous Angkor Wat to Phnom Bakheg the lookout point for the sunset.

I saw the crowds at Angkor Wat and thought our guy must have been looking after us and be taking us to a secret spot. But No wishful thinking there were just people everywhere looking to get the sunset photo. As we walked up the path to the lookout there was a queue to get up to the point and people were not coming down so we waited and to our surprise they were just letting a number of people on until the stairs capacity was full so the top could have been as many people as you like.

Sunset over Angkor Wat.

Sunset over Angkor Wat.

The entire place is amazing, the size and scale of the ruins is just baffling for how it was constructed back in the day. Fought the crowds for the best sunset vantage point however there was too much cloud cover and the sunset was not great so we cut away early to try and beat the crowds down. We then returned into town and it was pitch black everywhere. A truck had struck a power pole and power would be out for 3 days was the word on the street. Got dropped off at the hotel and to our surprise we had a generator so we had power. Decided to have dinner at the hotel as we saw the kiwi couple there and arranged for the kids to have a movie night. Had a couple of beers and off to bed approx. 1000. Big day tomorrow the full tour off Angkor Wat is planned.

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