Day 53

Freaky Friday Again.

We have already had one Friday 13 when we were in Ha Long Bay. Well on today’s one I was flogged. My kidney pains were at their peak and I was a ball of sweat, and then it started, one of my many trips to the bathroom. Well this morning we had also planned to go to the Royal Palace and I wasn’t going to miss out on a big ticket tourist attraction. So with a little bit of pain and tighter than usual gluteus max, the four seasons walked around from the hotel to the Royal Palace at a very slow pace. Not in my usual Griswald mission to see everything fast pace. Went in and was glad I did go.

The girls felt fine at Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.

The girls felt fine at Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.

This along with the National museum is one of the attractions in Phnom Penh that does not require TLC. It is stunning everywhere you look the gardens, the buildings, the architecture the Stupa’s they are all there preserved beautifully. There was some maintenance work going on in one little section. It was really nice and glad it was one of the last places we visited in Phnom Penh.

In amongst the grounds it also had a scale size model of Angkor Wat just to get me excited for our next destination to Siem Reap. Had a good look around approx. 2 hour’s worth and took plenty of good photos then left when the palace shut at 1100. Walked back to the hotel and got stuck into school work for a little bit. Then the girls went out for lunch and I stayed in the room and slept. Summer brought me back a ham cheese sandwich and that is all I could stomach. The girls did some more school work while I just lay feeling sorry for myself. Just went downstairs to the hotel diner for dinner and returned to the room for a movie and bed.  (this was worse than man flu, Summer, he was really sick)

Day 54

Transfer Siem Reap.

Today we travel to Siem Reap. First of all we had a Skype home to wish grandma a happy birthday and then went downstairs for quick breakfast prior to packing and check out. The bus we arranged is not the usual big bus that takes 6 hours but the smaller Ford transit van which is supposed to be 1 hour quicker and $3US cheaper.

The bus came at 1000 as per schedule and we left Phnom Penh 1030 with all 13 seats taken plus luggage so it was a tight ride. I found the little bus better as you can see out to the country side and have a look around. The road out of Phnom Penh is still under construction and the new road was smooth but you could not see were the new and old section would meet and the driver would have to take evasive action to get on the correct side of the dual carriage way. When complete it will make the exit out of Phnom Penh very smooth. As we got further out, the road got to a point where there was no construction only dirt and it was lucky to be 2 lanes. It was OK we could see out and check out all the Cambodia machinery. It is awesome the different freight methods they use. The little harvesting machine with long handlebars towing a massive trailer full of wood. The motorbike towing a trailer it shouldn’t full of metal. Or my personal favourite the truck with no body, just steering wheel and engine and helmet for the driver of course.

We had 2 x stops along the way, at the first we had to turn around as we left a passenger behind. One guy was sitting in his seat and thought it was spare because the guy was at his stop, so when the driver did his head count, it seemed all good. Spring then said his bag is still there?? Weird. Any way, went back, got the guy and made our way to the next stop for lunch and then on to Siem Reap approx. 1600. It was so hot when we got in and all the Tuk Tuk drivers fight for the drive and I had successfully booked 2 due to a misunderstanding with our guy in Phnom Penh Mony. That is OK we sorted it out and went with Mony’s mate. He took us to our hotel arranged to take us to Angkor Wat tomorrow 1600 for the sunset because if we pay for this we also get the following day entrance fee included as it is after 1700. Checked in and let the girls have a swim in the pool to cool off. Then got washed up and went out to Pub St. This was going off, people everywhere. We had a quick look around prior to returning to the room for bed.

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