Day 50

Central Markets.

Got out and walked up to 172 ST for breakfast. This was delicious and only $14USD for 2 x omelettes, 1 x banana pancake, 1 x French toast, 2 x mango smoothies and 2 x iced coffee. Then proceeded on to the Central Markets for a look. These were OK not as hectic as the markets in HCMC although the food section had a certain hum to it.

Summer and Spring had to bail out as they were dry reaching.

Went into the electrical section and purchased a Beats by Dr Dre speaker set (don’t know about the authenticity). This purchase was to assist Spring in listening to her school work as some of the lessons you could hardly hear, it will also be used for music and DVD’s when we don’t have TV. Had a look around all the sections and Summer found some nice female clothing. Didn’t purchase an item but suspect we will be back as it is not that far from our hotel.


From here we went to Daughters of Cambodia, a place for the young females of Cambodia who have been exposed to human trafficking but have now found refuge, are taught skills and then become mentors for future young females. They also provided counselling and coping skills to bring them back from these traumatic events in their life. These young woman are then role models for the next generation, truly inspiring stuff.  Returned back to the room and had some lunch and then smashed out some school work during the midday heat. Ventured back out approx. 1700 on the hunt for the best Amok in Cambodia.

This time we went down 718 ST past the Museum past the parade ground to the restaurant on the corner. It did not disappoint. Another sensational chicken Amok was served up. Returned back to the room and allowed the girls to watch a little foxtel before bed.

Day 51

National Museum

Today was a funny start to the day. We had a Skype interview with Springs teacher first off 0800. Once this was over we then had some breakfast in the room and then progressed with about an hour of school work. We then got bored of this and went up 19 ST to the backpackers area and got ourselves some smoothies. Sat down while the girls played pool, they were just enjoying each other’s company so we just let them play while we discussed all sorts of stuff from up and coming election to the weather in Cambodia. It was riveting stuff and then we saw a motorbike accident, I think Summers 4th and it was an expat. He was flying down the street came to the intersection at the same speed and was clipped by a young delivery driver on a motorbike. A few words were exchanged and then funny enough the expat rode off in another direction at the intersection, weird. Don’t know if he was suffering from the effects of the crash or embarrassment as there was a little crowd.

We stayed at this place that long it was lunch so we ordered from the menu. Had some cheap noodles and rice and was back to the room after lunch for some more school work. This all went well so we ventured down to the National museum at 1500, and what a pleasant surprise. It was really nice inside with heaps of well-preserved artefacts from Angkor Wat, the gardens were immaculate and for once this place was relatively cool inside with plenty of natural airflow. We spent 2 hours just having a look around at all the works and got some magic photos of the building as the sun was setting over it.

Phnom Penh Museum

Phnom Penh Museum

Walked back to the room after the museum visit got ourselves ready for dinner, went down to the river front were we had our first meal in Cambodia as Spring liked the pumpkin soup. Spring then said she had an upset tummy before we had left and by the time she got down the stairs it was pretty bad so I had to carry her to the restaurant. Ordered dinner and Autumn got chatting to a nice English couple that gave us some tourist information on Greece as they visit there every second year. This was good had a nice chat and a couple of beers with them and then went back to the room. Spring had pumpkin soup for dinner and felt better.

Day 52

Tuk Tuk day (Winters is fading)

Today we arranged for our Tuk Tuk driver to pick us up at 1300 so we could have a good look around Phnom Penh one last time. Today I was also not feeling that well with weird kidney pains. I suspected over indulgence in the 50 cent beers and Amok Curries could have done it. Anyway we have already done most of the big ticket items with Wat Phnom and the Royal Palace outstanding. What we did have to do first though was have our driver take us to the Post Office. We had to mail back some of Springs school books back to the school. This was an adventure having to find where the envelopes are sold and then come back around to the actual postage and stamps area. It was all good fun and then with $15USD in stamps in hand (approx 20 stamps) Summer and Spring attached stamps and then we mailed off the books.

Phnom Penh to Australia.

Phnom Penh to Australia.

We then moved on to Wat Phnom. This was OK, I have one big gripe in Phnom Penh, the tourist sites are just not preserved well enough and rubbish is everywhere. In the street, in the garden, I can only imagine with a little bit more effort on rubbish control and removal, a bit of TLC, the historical sites could be a lot better. Had a good look around witnessed a couple of pigs being offered at a prayer service. As we were leaving Wat Phnom a monkey decides to climb down the tree and walk straight past us like he was a tourist (who’s the tourist). It was really weird like it was nobody’s business. He was close enough to Summer to touch as we all just watched him walk by.

Got back to the driver and then he just took us for a drive over the Japanese bridge to check out the other side of the river. Still under a little development reminds us of the canals on the Gold Coast. There is one massive hotel right at the end of what they call Sunset Boulevard that overlooks the whole Mekong Delta. Nice but not awesome and a long way out of town. Returned back and had another look around Naga World and Diamond Island and then the guide took us to the new shopping centre built to cater for people who they hope will visit and invest in all the new development. It was nice just like Westfield Bondi Junction. Had a quick look around and returned to the room 1630. The girls got a couple of hours of homework in, Summer assisted the girls and also did some research for our next destinations, while I lay on the floor in pain with these kidney pains. Just went downstairs for a light meal and return back for bed. I have really poisoned myself and not feeling real good. (Sick as a dog is our Winter. Unable to function for two days and we are just about to take a bus to Siem Reap…Summer)

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  1. Maybe it’s the water in the beer affecting you kidneys. Get better soon.

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