Day 48

It feels like a sauna.

Another chilled out morning not much happening. Had breakfast in the room and then the kids proceeded with some school work. We then went out for lunch and look around in the afternoon. Bad mistake we now realise why the locals go to sleep in the afternoon. We were all melting it was so hot, so we got to a café and got some drinks and reprieve.

We then went to the local DVD store and got some movies for the kids and waited for the heat to go away. Walked back to the backpacker area were all the cheap food is and grabbed some dinner. It was also happy hour 50cent beers so we decided to have a few while we waited for dinner. Another fine Amok Curry was served, I don’t know when this dish is going to become a hit back at home, I don’t think it will be too far off. We then had a few more 50cent beers and played pool while the girls were able to play You tube DJ for the music in the place. It was a fun and enjoyable evening for the seasons. Walked back to the hotel it was still boiling outside and suspect that today was a hotter than average day in Phnom Penh. Back to the comfort of the rooms AC.

Day 49

Australian Embassy Trip

Got up this morning and decided to go to the Australian Embassy to see if we could vote or at least register for the up and coming NSW election. It was only 1.5-2km walk up the road. So we walked past the National museum which is on our street, then the Royal Palace which was actually shut today, then the Silver Pagoda and then on to the main street where the Aussie embassy was.

The problem was all the construction around the area. We had to negotiate the back street past Naga World Casino. Decided to go in for a look and get out of the heat. Then we had to come back around to the main entrance and walk a complete block of Naga World. This whole Naga World complex and over to Diamond Island is going to be massive development once complete. Don’t know if foreigners can invest?

Finally got to the Aust Embassy and tried to get access to vote. The guards were not having a bar of it and pointed to the sign for the QLD election. Relayed back we are after NSW election which went down well, not. In the end a lady said we should look online as that is all the vote is within the embassy anyway. Walked away a little frustrated. Decided to get a tuk tuk back after that little adventure as it was becoming hot again. Back to the room registered to complete an IVote (since when have we been able to I Vote?) and the kids did some school work. Stopped for lunch at the local back packers and then back for some more school work prior to the sun going down.

Went out approx. 1700 walked along the river to see if we could get a cheap feed. There was heaps of people out exercising and the atmosphere was pretty good everyone seems to be awake after their siesta, got some dinner on the river front and it was a bit more expensive than our little strip but nice and I would suggest better quality. Walked along the river back to our hotel allowed the girls to watch one of there new movies while Summer and I just had a look at the news back home and messed around on the internet.

Not traditional Amok, more like a laksa but great.

Not traditional Amok, more like a laksa but great.

Traditional Amok curry in coconut.

Traditional Amok curry in coconut.

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