Day 43

Cash in trivia money.

Today was just going to be a chill out day so we walked to Ben Thanh Markets and let the kids cash in their trivia money.

The markets were fun and we spent 3 hours just walking around letting the kids do some shopping and have a crack at bartering. Everyone got something, a bag for Autumn, bracelets for all of us, pants and Vietnamese fans for Spring and Autumn, Saigon beer tank for me, and I even got some original Ray Bans (I don’t think so).


We then decided to have lunch at the markets as it looks so fresh we couldn’t pass it up. Waitress got some little plastic chairs and a table and were treated to some delicious Pho Bo, spring rolls and BBQ pork. It was so hot eating lunch  with so many people, humidity, the chilli, we were all a ball of sweat. Autumn was a champ and finished her meal even though it was a little spicy and Spring even had sweat coming from her top brow and she never sweats.

Saigon Market Lunch

Saigon Market Lunch

We even lashed out and had desert crème caramel. Yum.

It was just too hot in the end and we had to get out, walked back to the hotel. We then bumped into the Aussie couple from the Mekong Delta cruise. Had a chat for a while and decided to meet up for dinner tonight.

We went back to the hotel and got a couple of hours of homework done and then got showered up ready for dinner. Walked down and meet them at Baskin Robins 1830 then got a restaurant and a few beers. A few beers led to a few more then we ordered dinner had some beers ate dinner and had some more beers. It was just fun catching up with a like minded family who were travelling Vietnam. The kids played well together and it was a very enjoyable relaxing night for us. All up the bill was $1,345,000VND roughly $10 Aust a head for dinner and drinks pretty good value. In the end we necked a few more beers and staggered home approx midnight.

Day 44

Right off.

Today we were supposed to check out of our hotel and get a bus to Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Suffice to say we didn’t achieve either of those goals. Summer slept in until 1100. The 2 x kids slept in until 1130, and I was just struggling to stand upright. Went down to reception and asked if we could extend our stay by 1 more day? She was very accommodating and allowed us to stay another day returned to the room and lay on the bed watching the room spin as the girls got up and ready.

We went out for lunch down a little lane way off the main street. Returned to the room the girls did a couple hours of homework while I studied the back of my eyelids.

Today was a complete right-off. The only thing is we are still waiting for our e-visa’s to be authorised to travel to Cambodia. So I guess it is OK we wait and suspect we will get visa tomorrow morning as we applied when we were in Nha Trang 3 working days ago. We will have to go tomorrow regardless as it will be 30 days in Vietnam.

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