Day 39

Can’t wait another sleeper bus tonight.

Today looked over the hotel booking and to our surprise check out wasn’t until 1200. So we raced the kids to get changed and went over for another swim. Got back to the hotel showered up got changed and packed ready for check out at 1200.

Making use of the free pool Nha Trang.

Making use of the free pool Nha Trang.

The sleeper bus was not due to depart until 2030 so we effectively had 8 hours left in Moscow by the sea. Walked up to the main area and found a fairly new food court open and went in for lunch. To our surprise it was so new it was not complete but was very relaxing in the shade and the beers were cheap. Ordered some noodles and couple of beers and on the free wifi, Summer submitted E Visa for Cambodia, I just tooled around on the internet, the kids played Jenga in the bar area. I will say the food in Nha Trang is expensive and rubbish compared with Hoi An and Hanoi, the seafood noodles we had today for lunch would have been the best meal we had since being here.

Sat around for a couple more hours on the computer couple more beers while we had no particular place to be. I started to get my dehydration head ache on and started to become a pain in the ass for the rest of the seasons.

There was plenty of these in Nha Trang.

There was plenty of these in Nha Trang.

Started drinking water and went for a walk around the back streets of Nha Trang. It still did blow us away how much Russian influence there was in Nha Trang and the poor spelling of signs as we walked the block and then returned to the same spot.

We went in for another water and the bar manager came up and asked if we would like a drink, in the biggest Aussie accent. He was from Mackay QLD and had visited Nha Trang a few times and decided to live here. We commented on the Russian influence and he said that 6 months ago there were more Russian tourists than Vietnamese as there 4 direct flights out of Russia to Nha Trang a day. He went on to say there are now down to 2 flights a week due to the Russian economic downturn.

He gave us a pretty good education on the Russian influence. Egypt was the Russian tourist origin until it had its government turmoil in the 2013. Then Vietnam Govt set up direct with Russian govt, all tourists have free visa for 3 months and then Nha Trang became their new Egypt. Russian businesses set up and further building by Russian businesses but some are now only half built due to their recent economic downturn.

Chugged down a few more waters and then went for early dinner prior to sleeper bus. Got to the bus station 1 hour early as I got my Griswald on as we had not been to this place before. Suffice to say we were on time and the bus was already there. Waited around 1 hour prior to boarding the bus. To our surprise the bus was fully boarded by 2220 and we were off. We had been issued seats this time and we had the back row again this time 5 seats wide so we had to share with a solo female tourist. All good we were away early.

The bus was a lot more comfortable than the bus from Hoi An when we went over the bumps it did not feel like it was going to snap in half. The roads were also a little better, the only thing is our driver didn’t want to use the road. He was a maniac passing up the inside on the service area on the outside and tailgating other buses and trucks. At one point I did fall asleep and Summer woke me up with a scream I looked to my right and all I could see is the cab of a truck as we tried to pull in front of it. It was better if you shut your eyes and try to sleep otherwise you would shit your pants. Really was like placing our lives in this guys hands. We ended up getting into some sort of position for sleep and then were woken at midnight for a toilet stop. Back on and fell asleep again and woken at 0200 for toilet stop and then we were off again finally to Ho Chi Min City.

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