Day 36

Sleeper Bus Day.

This morning down for breakfast and then had the girls do some more school work while Summer and I packed for our check out and sleeper bus to Nha Trang.

To our surprise the hotel allowed us to have a shower and freshen up prior to our sleeper bus which was due at 1700 for pickup from our hotel.

So we effectively did not check out of the hotel and borrowed the free push bikes and rode into town. We had a look at all the historical sites such as the Japanese covered bridge and the ancient town. We then settled in for a small bite to eat as we were going to have an early dinner prior to the sleeper bus. Grabbed some spring rolls and soft drinks for all. Grabbed some snacks for the sleeper bus on the way out of town at a minimart. We then rode back to our local area at 1500 for an early dinner. We all ordered hamburgers don’t know why we did, we all must have been hanging out for a burger.

Winter had to drink 5 of these to make one $1AUD.

Winter had to drink 5 of these to make one $1AUD.

Burgers were nice, all done and returned to the hotel for 1600 quick tub and we ready for pick up 1700. The mini bus arrived 1715 with other passengers onboard we jumped on and there was already not enough room so I had to jump in the front seat.

We then went on and picked up another couple prior to being dropped off at the bus stop. We then had to wait around for approx. 2 hours for the bus. We contemplated getting another snack prior to boarding the bus but we had thought about it too late and not enough time prior to trip. Boarded the bus and found we could get the entire top back row of recliners. This was 3 x sleeper beds between 4 of us. It was good for us to be all together. We departed Hoi An approx. 2000. I must say it was not very comfortable sharing a recliner with an 8 year old. Spring swapped between all of us until she was comfy with Summer. Travelled down the road for approx. 2 hours Summer telling the girls bedtime stories before they fell asleep. I fell asleep within an hour of the stories. Every time Summer and I would fall asleep the bus would go over a bump or around a bend that felt like the bus was going to break in half. I am sure the feeling was exaggerated because we were situated at the back of the bus. The next 10 hours would have been the some of the most torturous of my life. Fall asleep, wake up going over a massive bump, fall asleep, wake up bus driver doing hell manoeuvre tooting horn, fall asleep, go around a bend, fall asleep, lights go on, fall asleep. someone goes to the toilet.

Sleeper bus Hoi An to Nha Trang.

Sleeper bus Hoi An to Nha Trang.

We all really struggled to get a good nights sleep. We stopped at a truck stop along the way approx. 0030 ordered some of the worst Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) we have had, went to the most disgusting toilets we have seen in Vietnam and then jumped back on the bus for some more torture. We all finally got comfortable and feel asleep approx. 0300 and were in and out of sleep until the wake up music of Elvis was flashed up. This was quite funny listening to love me tender as a wake up song after being abused by a bus for the last 12 hours. Suffice to say we were all stuffed when we got in to Nha Trang.

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