Day 31

Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year)

Up for breakfast and then jumped on our pushbikes to do our village and cooking tour with Mr Trung.

Met Mr Trung 0900 as requested at his restaurant. We then cycled to his fishing village approx. 3km, we had a tour although there was no fishing or market in action as it was New Years day.

Mr Trung explained the fisherman have a tough life start work 1600 everyday work through the night until 0400 return and then sell fish until 0800 then clean boat and finish for the day roughly 0900. Tough gig. We then went further into the village and checked out one of his cousins houses. We had some tea and a chat with the family. We then moved on to a pottery workshop.

We all had a go at making pottery this was fun all manual labour though. We had to spin the base with our feet and then make pottery.

Manual pottery wheel.

Manual pottery wheel.

The lady made it look really easy. The girls had a turn first as I spun the wheel, it was good fun and the lady assisted all of us in making pots. I didn’t have enough speed on my turn and it went to custard. That’s my call on events, maybe I was just rubbish at pottery.

Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer.

We then walked through the village to an old temple. We rode approx. 2km to Mr Trungs house were we would have our cooking class.

We started by marinating a fish and then baked it on a fire. We had to fan the fire to get it going. While the fish was baking we made spring rolls. First we had to make our own mince from a pork fillet, mandolin and dice some carrot and then mix it all in then the spices and dry noodles. Then we had to wrap them which was fiddley.  We then stir fried some noodles. Pretty cool. We all sat down for lunch and had a feed. I will say these spring rolls were the best we have tried in Hoi An not because we made them but because they have had the most flavour and filling within them.

Cooking the best noodles.

Cooking the best noodles in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Mr Trung and his family were very nice and inviting. I had a couple of beers and we finished approx 1330.

Mr Trung then showed us the way to town. We then rode our pushbikes back to the hotel approx. 6km. Then had a crack at some school work, for the first time the kids were keen to do some school work. We then rewarded them with a swim in the pool. Showered up and then went into town for some dinner. Summer is not too keen on riding the bikes of a night so we tried to go to a local eatery. We successfully got lost and found ourselves on the river again, much to Summers disappointment. At least from here we knew were to go and managed to find the street we were after. Selected a restaurant, we thought we couldn’t go wrong with food in Vietnam, well we did this time as it was rubbish. Really really bad, ate what we could and got out of the restaurant. Lucky we had a massive lunch at Mr Trungs. Rode back to hotel and finished up for the day.

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