Day 30

New Year’s Eve – again.

Tried to get the girls to do some school work this morning even tried bribery, ‘you can have a swim this morning prior to school work‘. We also play trivia every night over dinner to recap the holiday as we go. Random questions such as ‘how many bridges are there to An Hoi Islet?‘. These are now worth a whopping $5000 dong each up from $1000. This worked a little but still required a lot of persuasion. Finally into school work and getting some work submitted. Summer had to work on the blog also, the photos she posted were too high in resolution so she had to remove and resize every one of them so we have space left for the next 11 months.

The second computer (laptop) bought in Hanoi is already being put to use even though it is still in Vietnamese. Really can’t believe we have only been away for 1 month, Singapore feels like forever ago (that’s my 13 year old speak). I checked out the local ‘giat’ (Vietnamese for laundry) service to get some washing done and it seemed like we were making progress for today.

Got to lunch time so we rode into town and grabbed a cheap feed on the other side of An Hoi Islet. This was really nice, away from the restaurants that are on the river side full of tourists. We have found Cau Lao (noodles with pork and salad in a bowl) and Com Ga (rice with chicken and salad on top) as our stable meals in Hoi An.

It is also at this point we realised that the food does not have as much fresh salad and sides as in Hanoi. We have also noticed the people here are a little more aggressive (in your face) style of sales people. Not a problem and suspect it will get worse as we head further south.

Then went on to the tailor to collect the girl’s pants. They were spot on exactly what they had ordered. Rode back to the hotel and then allowed the girls to have another swim as it was really hot. Showered up and ready for Chinese New Years Eve (Chuc Mung Nam Moi, in Vietnam). Spring has developed a sore arm after swimming that required a sling. Don’t know about the severity of the injury however we applied the triangular bandage and this entertained her so we decided to catch a cab into town for dinner.




Dressed in new pants for Chinese New Years Eve, Hoi An.

Dressed in new pants for Chinese New Years Eve, Hoi An, Vietnam.

New Years Eve was going off, it was packed on the river. We couldn’t get a table as a lot of the places were booked out, sold out of food or just shut for new year.

We went into a place with spare seats and a random Chinese guy came out and said the food ‘was not well‘ and recommended we move on, we had already ordered drinks but still hadn’t placed a food order so we skulled our drinks, got out and moved a few restaurants up.

The food was very western and the beer overpriced but we went in as we were lucky to get seats in a prime position facing the river. Had our meals and a few beers just watching the madness of New Years. Then spring with arm in sling started sleeping at the dinner table. She hasn’t done this since she was a baby so we decided to call it a night and carried her to the cab rank and got a ride home. All in bed 2230 on New Year’s Eve. Summer was then woken by the fireworks which she could see perfectly from our hotel balcony. The rest of us slept through and missed the fireworks.

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