Day 29

What have we been doing sitting in Hanoi?

Up early 0630 for breakfast, 0710 for driver to airport en-route Hoi An. All good the driver was on time and we were confident we would make our 0915 flight. We got out of the car and sure enough he has dropped us off at the international airport not domestic. We then had to transfer back to domestic and now were running late. Got to the counter 40 minutes prior to flight. The lady at the counter was a nasty piece of work and tried to say the gate was closing, even though we were still prior to the gate closure time.

Anyway checked in and we were OK made the flight no problem. I have to say they really cram the people in on these cheap flights. This was actually really funny, we had this German guy have a crack while I was putting the bags in the overhead locker and getting the kids to sit down as we boarded from the back of the plane. He was really impatient and wanted to get on the plane and said, “your holding everyone up”, so I said “are you in a hurry to sit down?”. This would have had to been the call of the day as he was really tall.

He couldn’t sit in his chair and his legs were in the isle. He again complained to the staff this time and wanted to be moved prior to take off. The staff declined and he was left in a sitting up fettle position half in the isle. Once in the air the seat belt sign removed he again pleaded to be moved and he got the seat before the emergency exit. The funniest thing was when we were due to land he was asked to move back. Man I have not seen anyone complain so much.  I thought he was going to require a sedative to calm him down. He then returned to his sitting down fettle position for landing. 1 hour flight is good got off and then went to the baggage terminal.

It was another classic the conveyer belt stopped working. It only had about 30 bags on it hadn’t made a full rotation and all 4 of our bags were on it. Raced around and picked all 4 up while the girls were in the toilet and bang we were out of the airport.

Our hotel transfer was there and we departed Dha Nang airport. We travelled 45 minutes through downtown Da Nang up some really nice coastline to Hoi An. We reached the hotel and were able to check in 1100. To our surprise our hotel is only about 1 year old at the most, so everything is brand new.

Got into our room, unpacked a little and then got on the free pushbikes and headed into town. We thought our hotel was out of town a bit as it is off the main street, but to our surprise a 5 minute bike ride to the central markets and river. Hoi An is very picturesque, it looks like out of a movie set with the river and island setup then the old streets decorated for TET (Chinese New Year). The weather was about 26 degrees not too humid just nice.


We stopped off for some lunch and just thought; “what we have been doing all this time in Hanoi?“. Any way all good had some lunch and then moved on to 1 of the 1000 tailor shops in town. Summer wanted to have a business suit made up for herself but we ended up getting 3 x cotton baggy travel pants sized up for the girls. Accepted the offer and would return the following day to pick up, this would also give us an opportunity to check out the quality of the work. Rode back to the hotel so the kids could have a swim in the pool. Had a couple of beers while the kids had a swim, looked over travel and accommodation for Nha Trang the next place we will travel to.

TET really has messed with our plans, as a lot of the sleeper buses and trains have been booked out. It all got a bit hard so we got the kids out showered up ready for dinner. Jumped on the push bikes again into town. Decided to brave the bridge over to An Hoi Islet. If I thought it was picturesque of a day it got better at night. Really beautiful with a great atmosphere. The one big thing we have noticed is how many western tourists there are here.

We grabbed a seat at a restaurant on the waterfront and to our surprise the meal prices were better than Hanoi.  We had a beautiful meal and then what appears to be the owner Mr Trung asked if we would like to do a tour of his village? He up-sold well, I don’t know why we accepted it is not generally like us, but it just seemed too easy to accept so we did. Not tomorrow the day after which would make it Chinese new year day. Cycled back to the hotel ready for bed another big day down and left “thinking what have we been doing in Hanoi?

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