Day 6

American Ninja.

We all had a little sleep in this morning, I got up first and took advantage of the free WiFi. Then I checked on Autumn and Spring, it was pretty cute they had slept together even though they had a double bed each. The girls turned on TV while Summer and I got ready and discussed the day ahead. Well the girls started watching this show called American Ninja, a show sort of like our old Wipe Out but for serious athletes. The track was fully hard core rope crossing jumping stations and to climb and exit a half pipe at the end. To qualify for the final you just had to finish the course. The times varied from last years winner 56 second (saw this run it was awesome) to over 2 minute’s (saw this also the guy was lucky to finish). It was interesting to see professional stunt men and marine hard core guys that couldn’t finish the course and then parkor guys that were by far the best at it.


Anyway on to Malaysia. Breakfast was not included in our Hotel stay so we decided to walk to KL Sentral get a feed and then move on to Batu Caves. While on the way to the station stumbled across a Hotel which also offered buffet breakfast, by now it was brunch. $30 ringgit (10 aud) and we were all stuffed. Caught the train to Batu Caves. What a place. I couldn’t believe how high the caves actually were and the climb to get there was huge. It was like training for American Ninja (not really). I noticed some female tourist had inappropriate footwear (hi heels). That would have been a struggle.

This wasn’t the biggest clanger of the day though, I saw some pretty awesome electrical work being carried out. A metal ladder in the pond electrician on ladder with safety thongs (haha) on in the water, an electric drill in hand ready to install lights.

Is this safe?

Is this safe?

Any way we didn’t stop for too long and continued up. Summer was blowing pretty hard and it was so humid sweat was beading out of all of us but once inside you can really appreciate the shear enormity of the caves. It also happened to be Sunday so there was a lot of Indian culture, food on display during our visit to the caves.

Girls Batu caves, Spring is not impressed.

Truly awesome and I would recommend as a must do in Malaysia. Returned to KL Sentral then monorail on to Bukit Bintang the shopping district not to do shopping but to visit Jalan Alor the Hawker food row for some dinner. This was a pretty cool experience the hustle of the markets and then through to the Hawker food row, we were a little early and we had a big brunch, so we decided to stroll for a while. Had an authentic feed soaked up the atmosphere and then got soaked as it poured down rain but the staff were really good and moved us under the awning. Autumn decided she liked the dried meat, we grabbed some take away for her as it was really nice (don’t know about the dietary value) Returned to the hotel smashed some dried meat and grabbed a burger between the 4 of us as we needed a little top me up before returning to the room. All up a pretty good day in KL.


Day 7

Australia Day makes me feel like a sardine

The kids wanted to spend the morning by the pool so we let them have their fun. It was a beautiful infinity pool and a nice way for the girls to start the day. All up I think the girls spent 3 hours in there while Summer was catching up blogging, writing and checking over flights accommodation and all the finer details of the trip. Got ready and went over to Petaling St for some lunch. A must do on the map but we didn’t have the best experience.

By the time we got there we were all starving, it was about 1430. We pulled into this hybrid Korean meets Malaysian burger place with dried meat. Pretty weird but we were starving so ordered burgers which took forever to make, the lady couldn’t provide all the food we were after and asked if dried meat and chicken floss would be OK in a green bun, we declined and ate what was supplied and got out of dodge. Entrée out of the way walked no more than 100 meters down Petaling St and found a Malaysian restaurant, jumped in ordered some BBQ wonton noodles for the kids 1 x dry selection 1 x in soup to cover all bases. This was nice, did the length of Petaling St and then returned to the Petronis Towers. The train system was getting pretty packed and Spring was not happy with the sardine feeling.

She may be claustrophobic, assured her it was going to be OK and the fashion at Petronis was worth the ride however her little heart was pounding so hard. Got to Petronas, took some photos with our Australia shirt, hat and vegemite in hand then went inside and had a look around at the fashion.

Australia Day PETRONAS Towers

Australia Day PETRONAS Towers

Train back to Kl Sentral was even more packed I don’t actually know how the train system is policed we didn’t get on the first train as we had a few tears but we were at the front of the line for the next train so were committed. It was OK once on but extremely tight. All up some good experience’s for all of us today.

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  1. Hello to all! I have yet to look at this in detail but at a glance I see you are on your way to having the time of your lives. Fantastic. What a wonderful family experience you will have. The photos look great…..except maybe for that bloke ….A (Winter)? aka “The Diamond “. The jury is still out on that one. Wishing you all the best. Brendan, Jenny & family.

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