Day 24

School is a drag, let’s get out of Dodge.

Slow start again with the kids being woken up at 0800 down for breakfast and back up for school work. This time with a twist we would set the girls up and explained if they got all their school work completed we would then go to Ha Long Bay (we were always going to go). We then raced down stairs and checked with Kevin the hotel manager for early check out and 3 day 2 night tours of Ha Long Bay.

He really tried to sort us out, early check out not a problem and then check back in, they will even look after large bags for us, it was just awesome how helpful he was. His Ha Long Bay tour though was really expensive. More than our budget could stretch we explained this to him and he tried his best to see what he could arrange but he was still very high and explained that he can only go through a reputable agent and that the tours where worth the extra coin and be careful if you book a cheaper trip.

We then received an email from the home stay lady she was arrange a trip for $225 US less than Kevin’s cheapest one. We had to go with it.

We confirmed with Thuy (we worked out how to pronounce her name after a google search, twee) and she then arranged to drop off the tickets at 1400. Excellent, we went back upstairs to see the girls progress on the homework. Surprise surprise no homework being done by either of them. One playing horse game on the I Pad and the other reading a novel on the kindle. The seasons collided again with a massive bang. The storm would have went for 1 hour till it had eased and the kids quickly sorting out there homework. I then raced down stairs to get out the required money for the tour. On the way down I was caught by the staff who had arranged another special TET (Chinese new year) lunch for us.


Lunch with staff at hotel in Hanoi

Lunch with staff at hotel in Hanoi

So nice, I couldn’t refuse as they were actually waiting for us before eating. Raced back up stairs got all the girls had to wipe away tears and then went down for a special lunch put on for us. It was a really good feed too and all the staff were really happy that we had come for the lunch. After lunch I had to run to the bank get the money out and then the Thuy arrived with the tickets.

We invited her up to our room and showed her the girls school work and the distance education we have set up. She was really cool and then decided to take the girls for a motorbike sightseeing tour of Hanoi.

Spring up front on a motorbike tour of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Spring up front on a motorbike tour of Hanoi, Vietnam.

She told me half an hour. I should have known then it was going to be more like 1.5 hours. I decided to go for a walk to the markets to check it out. It was packed as usual, just not as fun when you are by yourself. So I returned and waited for the girls. They were so pumped on their return they had gone everywhere on the freeway and even had a popular Vietnamese desert, called ‘banh flan’, a coffee pudding, near the French Quarter.

Eating 'banh flan' on the street in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Eating ‘banh flan’ on the street in Hanoi, Vietnam.


I was so happy for them even though I was slightly jealous.

When we returned to the hotel we went into the girls room and housekeeping had made a towel crocodile for them. It was truly impressive. We packed and readied ourselves for our trip to Ha Long Bay the next day.

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