Day 21

Lessons Learnt Outside of school.

Well today to our delight Autumn is back and no longer ill. We made the trek down to breakfast and Autumn made up for her lost food intake with a bowl of cereal 2 x pancake serves and finished off with a couple slivers of mango thank you very much.

Lesson 1 of the day ‘man must have son’. Autumn ordered a second round of pancakes and I stayed down stairs with her while Summer and Spring went back to the room to get ready for the day ahead.

During this time the waitress had made some small talk and explained she has a 2 year old daughter that stays with her parents while she works in the city. She only makes the trip back home when she has more than 4 days off. I think this in itself was a good little reminder for Autumn on how good she has got it. The lady then asked about how many children I have. I explained I have 2 x girls 13 and 8. She then went on to explain that in her village and culture if the man does not have a son with his first 2 children he can than move on to another wife until a son is produced. I thought this was a great idea and I would relay this on to my wife as soon as I saw her. She had a little laugh and said this is her culture but hopes to have a son as her next child.

It was very funny and we all had a laugh, I couldn’t wait to get to the room to tell Summer.


Lesson 2 not all Australian tourists are Bogans, westies or rednecks. Today was the first day I witnessed firsthand how an Australian tourist could be labelled any one of the above. Let me paint the picture. From our hotel to walk to the lake we go past this café ‘Australian named’ Café and I would joke why would you travel to Vietnam and then have an Aussie burger. Well today we decided to go in for lunch. The joke is on me. To our delight the menu was what all of us was after, Spring had fried rice, Autumn had fried sweet potato balls, Summer had a chicken burger and I had Vietnamese spring rolls. All good and having a read of the tours this company does of Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa we are actually very interested in what they had to offer for Ha Long.

We made short work of the meals at this Aussie cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We made short work of the meals at this Aussie cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam.


We noticed a guy sitting by himself having a beer waiting for his friends to turn up. Mid 40’s I would say. When his friends turned up male and female of the same age I have not heard so many F%$#ing swear words fit into the 1 F*@#ng sentence. It was ridiculous I didn’t realise that p%$#, S&^t, f%$& could all fit into the one four worded sentence and make any sense.

I am no prude was brought up out western Sydney (Penrith we have all heard how many FF’s are in Penriff, nuff said) and have worked on ships, oil rigs, loco’s and mining sites, all were swearing is part of the language. But really in a café at lunch with families around. To me it was like being in an episode of Houso’s, they had to be pulling the p%s, smoke after smoke, beer after beer, disrespecting the locals and taking advantage of there cashed up existence in Vietnam. I am all for going out and having fun with your mates, it might have just been all the swearing and the delivery that got up my f*&*ing nose. It is starting to rub off. I wouldn’t want to be portrayed in this light and certainly teach my children to have respect and to respect others whoever or wherever they are.

Any way we got our food and it was delicious all 4 meals were spot on. Got the bill and to our surprise cheap.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk further than our usual and head for the train station to check it out, we got a little lost but made it there really not that far and then headed up to the shopping street picked up some cheap DVDS and then decided to get a haircut on the street corner $50,000 dong.

Haircut vietnam small

Street side Barber Hanoi

The traffic noise drowned out the sound of the clippers.

Point of no return

Point of no return

Returned to the room and unloaded the DVDS and then went out for dinner. We walked past the Café we had lunch at and the houso’s were still there but now they were out the front having photos taken flicking the bird and some weird male to male humping routine. I will give credit that would have been a 4-5 hour drinking session before dinner.

Any way walked past and thought it would be a good place if it wasn’t for the company in there. But then I play devil’s advocate with myself and ask what do they deliver to the local economy?? And at what expense?? We will more than likely return for a meal before we leave Hanoi.

2 lessons learnt today I need another wife and I can fit many swear words into a sentence if I tried. Peace out.

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