Day 19

Maths mixed feelings.

This morning covered off sum (pun intended) maths mentals with Spring. Meg in lane small

She is getting the different addition methods implemented and it is good to see progress is being made. This extended stay in Hanoi feels a little like being back at home for me, just with no work to attend (no pun intended I work at work and do not attend) or extra activities for the kids after school.

We have a small apartment but big enough for us all to spread out and have our own space. If not we can go for a walk down the street or down to the dining area to do homework. It is very relaxed in our hotel back away from the hustle of the street. The only touristy thing we have done so far is walk the lake and the parts of the walking track on the map.

It is not a big place like Beijing just condensed so we will not be covering Km’s. Today I am not sure on Hanoi, for example we were doing homework in the dining area and the staff were about to have their lunch, I was just packing up so we didn’t interrupt the workers lunch and bam, chairs were out please join us special Chinese new year rice cake for lunch. You decline initially because you don’t want to impose but then you get the feeling you shouldn’t so you are not being rude. Any way Spring was in her chair so I had no chance had to have a go.

This is really nice, for a start the workers could have told me not to study in the hotel dining room, and then for them to invite us to lunch is also pretty cool. The food was very nice, authentic Vietnamese cuisine I might add, the pork I could have eaten the whole plate myself. But then you have a good look around the place which feels very safe there is CCTV camera’s everywhere and I get the feeling like big brother is watching. I don’t know if it is me, the fact we have stopped in one place for a while or I have too much time to think.

Anyway we had a good lunch with the staff and talked about where we all are from, what to do in Hanoi, how far is Ha Long Bay and going to the night markets for shopping. They are really nice people willing to help at the drop of a hat. After lunch went for a walk around the area to check out a yoga studio for Summer. It was in behind a motor bike washing station Crystal Car Wash for bikes just minus the paper and coffee. Got a timetable and returned to the room for more school work. Out for dinner and it was raining, so we did not go to the night markets and returned to the hotel for bed.

Day 20

Marine down.

What can I say it was bound to happen, I honestly thought it would be me? Autumn has fallen sick. Tummy cramps this morning when she woke up but she was a trooper and continued down to breakfast. Didn’t eat a thing and returned to the room back to bed. She just laid in bed for a couple of hours while her stomach just gurgled you could see how pale she was. Then made one of her many trips to the bathroom. Back to bed and we all jumped in and watched a movie with her, I watched the back of my eyelids. She felt better after the movie so we thought maybe some lunch would bring some life back into her.

Around to a local known restaurant and a quick noodles but she didn’t eat it all and wanted to return to the room. I must say she was a trooper didn’t complain or make a scene, just returned to the room and laid down and visiting the bathroom for the rest of the afternoon. Then it makes you as a parent question were she could have gotten sick from. (The street food, the sweets from the lady in the street, the milk from breakfast) and then she come out with it. The ice in one of her lemonades, and I think she is right. We have all shared our food and would all be equally as sick, so it is the only thing it could be. She is much better coming into dinner so we went out for an early dinner however she needed to return to the hotel so we returned and missed the night markets this weekend. A real laid back day while we attend to a sick child.

8 thoughts on “Winters Chilling Tales #13

  1. So good to hear from you and your travels – Hanoi sounds very busy, but enjoyable. A big hug to the marine down for being strong and getting better to continue travels. Missing you and sending lots love. Pop and Grammy

    1. Thank you two. We were offline on a mini vacation, which Winter will post about soon. xxx

  2. Hello again, Its me….the squatter. I like the East, ….not the real East like you guys are in……but your old East. Really enjoying Winters Chilling Tales too, particularly since you introduced words with more than 3 letters in them and some with more than 1 syllable also . Andrew, you continue to shine brightly, dare I say like a diamond, and you have come such a long way as I knew you would. A very special shout out to your family at this time too. It can’t be easy for them…you know….with you there. Anyway, stay safe, continue to travel well and have a wonderful time until I send you another message of support and encouragement. All the best , BG.
    p.s.: Who are you insured with back here ? I need to get the plasterers in. Cheers.

    1. Hi BG, thank you for your kind words, just think while you wait for the plaster to dry I will be sipping $10,000 Dong beers when $1 aust is 16,000 VND. Cheers back big man.

  3. Hi Family H, Continue to greatly enjoy your site and commentary, excellent stuff. It’s like I am almost there with you. In fact if you look over your left shoulders right now……see that tall good looking guy…….have no idea who that is…….anyway moving on……… Summer is coming to an end so I will soon move out of your home and look forward to being squinter again through the winter. I miss you , will you be home soon ? How long can it take to see the whole world ? Safe travel guys . All the best.

    1. BG check out Winters Chilling Tales 14…it reminds me of Coogee on a Sunday arvo in some weird guys hotel room with someone trying to stay awake. It takes a long time to get around the world, we will be back before you know it. Miss you too big guy.

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