Day 18

Got to stop sleeping in.

We have come to the conclusion that the kids are sleeping in too long. We are both committed to getting a big portion of their school work done in Hanoi while still enjoying the local site’s and culture. Having said this they were both woken up by us at 0900 having to get ready for breakfast, have breakfast and back up to brush teeth and get ready for the day ahead. All up this evolution was completed by 1030 a big chunk of the day gone.

Anyway today decided to go for a walk all the way around Hoan Kiem Lake. It is not massive, a slow 1-1.5 hours walk. There is the Huc Bridge and Ngoc Son Temple to check out and further around the Turtle Tower. Yes definitely got nothing on the Forbidden City but still worth checking out. Half way around the lake we were approached by a University group to take part in an English interview (they are studying the history of Vietnam) we took part of the lesson and found out Vietnam celebrates Chinese new year in 10 days.

This did take some time as there English was equally as good as our Vietnamese. It was fun the lecturer, students were really great and very patient with us. Then grabbed some street food on the way back for lunch before we started school. We had Vietnamese rolls with pork for the kids and mixed meat for the adults with chilli. This was so nice, fresh and easy. We sat on the little plastic chairs in the street and had one as our table for iced tea.

street food Hanoi small

I do recommend getting amongst the street food it is so fresh and cheap, really will be rolling out of Vietnam because I cannot stop eating all day. We then went to the local supermarket. Well if I can’t stop eating how on earth am I going to stop drinking when Hanoi Beer is $10000 dong a long neck. That is less than a $1 Aust. Grabbed a couple of tallies for the road just minus the brown bag and headed back to the room for school. School today first was art again and then year 4 maths. Today I learnt how to do the jump method for addition. Pretty easy I don’t recall being taught this method but by breaking down the second number that you wish to add into 100’s, 10’s, 1’s you break it down small enough to do the addition.

Spent 2 hrs on maths and then went out to get our washing. Sure enough it was ready to go, the clothes are really clean, I saw a lady doing the pre-wash by hand then it must go into the washing machine and then dried. I suspect our local Giat doesn’t have a dryer and uses a fire as the clothes smell a little smoky. All good at least the whites haven’t changed colours, $320000 dong transferred full complement of clothing restored and a handful of bananas given to spring. Really nice I think this sums up the Vietnamese people we have meet so far, just really nice, giving, laid back people.

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