Day 17

This morning was another laid back start to the day.

This morning was another laid back start to the day. The kids slept in again, and then we went down stairs for breaky. I really think we need the extended break to recharge for the next leg of travel. We also got some washing done $40,000 dong per kilo. We had 5kg of colours if they came out OK the big load of darks would go in next. Well to our surprise the clothes came back washed in good condition. The last wash in Malaysia the whites came back purple because we didn’t separate darks from lights (amateur mistake). The big bag of darks was straight back to the local Giat. The lady initially thought I was coming back to complain because I was that quick and then was soon rubbing her hands when she realised it was another load of washing 8kg in total. $320,000 dong worth of washing.


Spring and I decided to do some art this morning for school and then would do sun safety in the afternoon. We went for a walk down to Hoan Kiem Lake to take some photos for us to paint when we return to the room.

Out on the street and bam that pesky shoe repair guy was there again wanting to fix my shoes that he has already repaired. I would wear my thongs if it wasn’t that cold, and then on to the lake. This is a pretty place with plenty of colour so spring got some arty shots and then we cruised the streets around the lake for a while. Went into a local artist studio their work is magic. Back out on the street there are motorbikes everywhere it is packed and when you cross the road you really have to watch out for that sly guy coming the wrong direction up the street.


Springs artwork

Springs artwork

Winters artwork

Winters artwork








Anyway I find it quite fun but Spring lets out a scream and I think a little internal leap of faith as we cross the street. It is nice to see it from her perspective. Returned to the room and did some paintings. Spring is very creative and didn’t want to use the photos to help prompt her she just wanted go for it and did 2 paintings this was pretty cool. We then stopped for lunch and started sun safety. Slip, slop, slap and then wrap (never heard of this) Wrap on some glasses.

This was a good subject however in the narrative section Spring’s favourite outdoor activity on a nice sunny day is to go the beach and sun bake, have a little swim and then sun bake. I am going to have to redo this and prompt her we go for a swim before 1100 or after 1500 wear 30+ sunscreen, shirt or rash vest and hat. I think that is the answer they will be looking for. After school, we went back out for little walk around the area. The people in Hanoi are so nice and accommodating it is a massive change from what we experienced in Beijing were you have to fight for your spot in the queue and the people are quite abrasive. Yes that pesky shoe repair guy will try and fix my shoes again but that is OK, I might even try to have a laugh with him about it. That wouldn’t happen in Beijing that is for sure.


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  1. Hi Guys,
    so amazing! Awesome memories you are making. What life changing experiences! Can’t wait to read more. xoxxo

    1. Thanks, we hope we can meet up with you and the family in Italy. I bet you are planning planning planning. xxxx

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