Day 166

We head to Barcelona.

This morning we just take it easy, check out is 1200 so we just take our time get on the wifi and try to find a place in Barcelona to stay. It is very expensive to stay in town so Summer has found a place 25 km out. We pack and have one last look around town and enter the coordinates into the satnav (GPS). It sends us the wrong way out of town to a road that doesn’t exist anymore. Well the view from the hill is excellent so Summer jumps out to get a few snaps.

Overlooking Cadaques in Spain.

Overlooking Cadaques in Spain.

We travel up the windy road and eventually get to the motorway. We get to our destination approx. 1500. but we can’t find the number on the street. It is listed as no 33 but the street only goes up to 31. This appears to be a large family home. We drive around for a bit and return to the same point. Summer gets out and knocks on the door. It is the place we were at first. It is a huge mansion and we thought it must have the separate ‘villa’ residence advertised down stairs. No it wasn’t. It was not as we anticipated it would be and we end up in 3 bedrooms of this massive house. The girls had a room each and Summer and I had a double. But on the same level there is a fourth room taken by someone else and another double room empty. We have a bathroom for us and the man in the other room has his own bathroom also.

Summer picked this because it was dirt cheap and has a huge swimming pool.

Once we settled in the girls had a swim in the pool for the afternoon. It was really hot, 37 degrees so fair enough. The owner then went out and we thought she locked us out of the house because she didn’t give us any keys. We soon realised that she left the door open.



When the owner returned she had a couple of Peruvian friends with her and insisted that all the women go to the supermarket together. This did frustrate Summer somewhat as it was lost in translation. She doesn’t speak any English and Summer can only string together bits and pieces of Spanish. We thought that before she left she asked us if we would take her with us to the shops and now she is insisting that Summer come with her and her friends. We think the owner wanted to buy the groceries for everyone but Summer was unsure and wanted to get her own supplies. In Summers limited Spanish she said ‘I need to cook for my family‘, they all nod and say no problem but it all is not sitting well with her. Summer then takes Autumn with her as witness. After they return Summer cooked chicken and pasta while the host watched over her.

We are not happy with our accommodation choice in Barcelona because it was listed as a private villa and bathroom with kitchen but we didn’t realise we would be guests in someones home and have to use their personal kitchen. Ah well, we cleaned up and then went to bed approx. 2300 just as the other guests were getting stuck into their dinner. They eat so late at night and we don’t want to be in the Spanish routine for eating and sleeping.

Day 167

Barcelona is hot.

I had a rubbish night’s sleep. It is too hot and we have no AC and then our Peruvian mates started frying fish at 2300 for dinner. It does smell nice maybe not at 2300 though. Anyway had to sleep on the floor tiles in the end to get cool.

I woke early as usual and went down stairs to have breakfast, then the owner comes out and just hangs around the kitchen watching me just as she did with Summer last night. I don’t know is it lost in translation; does she want to cook for me or is she checking I am not fleecing the place? It feels a little weird until little Spring comes down. It is funny Spring has a way with old people. No matter where we are in the world she will just stare at old people until they smile at her. This then breaks the ice and the owner now helps Spring with her cereal.

After breakfast we let the girls go for a swim. The pool is actually really nice so I jumped in also. We then headed into Barcelona. We were going to visit the La Sagrada Familia, this massive church in the centre of Barcelona designed by Gaudi.

A front view of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

A front view of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

You really have to google this place. The story is Gaudi began construction of the church in 1882 and committed his whole life to it. After his passing his apprentice has continued the work with a completion date of 2026. It is really ‘out there’ and we would have to say it didn’t appeal to us.

You can notice the difference between the early work and the works being completed by the apprentice.

Old section La Sagrada Familia.

Old section of La Sagrada Familia.

We went to go in but just missed a group showing and would have to wait another 2.5 hours which would be hard in the heat so we just walked a lap looking at all the external works.

We picked up a tourist map and returned to the car. We decided to follow the hop-on hop-off bus around to see the sights. We soon realised that they love to decorate their round-abouts in Spain. We drive past a few with statues in the centre and then we went around the Mirador de Colom round-about 5 times. There is a huge monument to Colombo in the centre.

We then headed the wrong way but ended up at the Olympic Stadium, nothing much to see here, pretty old a bit run down now. We found the bus again and follow it around to the Museu National d art Catalunya. The views from up here over Barcelona are pretty good so we didn’t go in the museum.

The view from the Museum across Barcelona to the mountain.

The view from the Museu National d art Catalunya across Barcelona to the mountain.

We drive into a massive 5 lane round-about and it has 4 sets of lights on it and so Autumn starts taking photos of a monument in the centre with fountains all over it.

Fountain in the middle of Placa d'espanya.

Fountain in the middle of Placa d’espanya.

We rejoin and loose the bus a few more times and then end up at FC Barcelona Museum and stadium. Didn’t stop just drove by and realised were on the way back to the guest house so decided to keep going.

The way we toured Barcelona was perfect for us. We have made the girls walk a fair bit in cities and it was too hot to do the same in this city.

The girls had another swim prior to some sausage sandwiches for dinner. Our host was their during the whole cooking process, weird. We went to bed late again and realise our sleeps are getting later and later.

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