Day 16

First sleep in Vietnam was magic.

To our surprise the hotel room is really pleasant. Nothing like it looks like from the front. The front is an alley way and we are located up the back, where we have a 2 x bedroom 1 x bathroom lounge and kitchenette setup. All in the old quarter of Hanoi. Summer and I got up approx. 0700 and were instantly on the internet covering off new emails and banking. Not really new just back logged from our China stay, amazing how much is filtered in China.

The girls had a massive sleep in and were woken up at 0900. We have breakfast as part of the package of this stay and we took full advantage of it. Breakfast was cooked on order and super nice. Omelette’s, Pho (pronounced Fu) noodles, Vietnamese rolls, dumplings, chicken sandwich and banana pancakes and we smashed them all.

We then decided to stroll the streets to get a feel for our area and find a Giat (laundry service).

Bam out on the street no more than 20 metres travelled this random guy just decided to fix my shoes whilst they were still on my feet (I would say they are a good pair of Asics running shoes), then wanted coin for the repair. I am having a shocker in Hanoi thus far. I gave him $5000 dong for the running repair. No more than 50 metres up the road another guy was on a corner wanting to fix the last repair but I declined this bloke and now I’m on the watch out for guys carrying little rubber shoe repair kits in plastic bags.

Is this safe #2

Is this safe #2

Really busy is my first impression, lots of tourists is my next, then no road rules and last is electrical safety. The wiring of the power poles are maxed out and I think some of the cables are decommissioned just not removed. Certainly no AS 3000 Wiring Rules or equivalent used here. Did 2 blocks of our local grabbed a drink looked at the map on things to do. Bought some bread rolls and returned to the room for lunch vegemite rolls and the first day of school.

2 of the main reasons we are staying in Hanoi for an extended period is it is cheap and the girl’s school work. We need to focus on this and ensure we keep up with the set curriculum. The girls had a good 2 hour session I focussed on year 4 English, grammar and punctuation. Full stops and capital letters. I didn’t know this but if a word is abbreviated for e.g. street is abbreviated to St It does not require a full stop because the abbreviation ends in the same last letter as the full word. So continued is abbreviated to cont. The abbreviation doesn’t end in the same last letter so requires a full stop. I hope I am not the only one who didn’t know this or I may be sacked on my first day as a Yr. 4 English teacher.

Any way a nice ease in to school for the girls. Out for another stroll and to our surprise it was cold about 18 deg. So we went local for some dinner, pretty rubbish it was trying to be a cool cocktail bar/restaurant very western. Ate and returned to the room fell asleep watching Peter Pan with Spring.

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  1. Sounds nice, maybe a photo of your room, it might be good for others to go on holidays. Enjoy school it’s good refreshment for all of us we all tend to skip things because of time factors, so much rush rush. Take care. Enjoy your time. xx

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