Day 35

Tech Mission Complete.

We were up and ready for our driver at 0900 to take us to Dha Nang. He was right on time got to the FPT store approx. 0940 after negotiating some of the down town traffic. Once we relayed all the information from the Hanoi FPT we were set. 1 hour the shop assistant said, so we just hung out in the computer store with the load music playing. The kids jumped on I Pads and played games while Summer and I had a look around and then just chatted.

Went and checked the progress before the 1 hour mark and the young assistant said another hour so we decided to get our driver to take us to the local shopping centre for a look. It was weird sort of Kmart, Myer all spread across multiple floors, not segregated stores like we have in our shopping centres.

We went to the top floor amusement area and played some arcade games with the kids.

We returned to the FPT store approx. 1120 and went to check the progress all good opened up and checked the computer word and excel was still in Vietnamese. The tech guy was really good, his English was probably better than the shop assistant.

Anyway we waited for another hour then started to get hungry so we went over and checked the progress and it was not even half way downloaded. By this time our driver had come in and had a chat with the staff to check on things as I assume he had another job to go to. We decided to go over the road to the local Pizza Hut for some lunch as there were not any local eateries open.

We generally don’t eat pizza hut at home but this pizza was surprisingly very nice. I suspect as we have not eaten very much Western food since we left Australia, we enjoyed it more. We shouted our driver some lunch, he was a nice young fellow recently married trying to make his money being a driver. He had good English and I think he will go OK with his business.

We returned to the FPT and it was all smiles from the staff, so we opened the computer and bam it was in English all updated all good. Left the FPT approx. 1330 a few hours later than anticipated but such a relief also as we now have the functional laptop we paid for. Returned to the hotel for Autumn to get on her new laptop and do some school work and have it set up the way she likes and Spring submitted some more school work.

Summer got on and did some banking, checked over events at home and confirmed we are all up to date with our life back in Sydney. We also arranged the sleeper bus for tomorrow to Nha Trang as there was no other mode of transport as it was all booked for the Lunar New Year now. It really did feel like a huge relief as we had accomplished a few big ticket items in one day.
three smiley faces small

Our last day in Hoi An so we treated ourselves to a nice restaurant in town. We rode the bikes in and to our surprise it was relatively cheap on one of the main restaurant strips and had a good dinner. We rode back to the hotel with a huge sense of achievement for today.

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  1. GREAT photo 😀 Girls looking gorgeous, relaxed and so happy!!! Mwaaaah XOX

    1. Mwaaaah back, us girls are doing our best to keep up with the man and then he decides he needs a few days to recover from his good times. he he

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