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Camel riding in Silverton, New South Wales, Australia.

Camel riding in Silverton, New South Wales, Australia.

We are a well travelled family that decided to take on a massive adventure.

We love recording our adventures on our website and want to share what we learn with current or prospective travellers everywhere.

We are currently travelling the World in 2015 and have been for six months but our World travel experiences span more than this journey and will not end when we return.



Winter, our daily blogger, tour planner, baggage handler, teachers aid, chef, kitchen hand, laundyman, driver, maintenance guy and father, first travelled Internationally in 1976 when his family emigrated from Malaysia to Australia. As an adult one employer sent him on world travels firstly, in 1998 and then many times for the next seven years until he changed jobs.

Summer, trip project manager, IT expert (we use this term very loosely), finance minister, nurse, translator, teacher, occasional chef, wanna be writer and mother, first travelled overseas in 1997, landing in Cairo, Egypt as a solo female traveller.

A selfie at the Colosseum.

A selfie at the Colosseum.

Autumn, culture and history aficionado, teenager, high school student and comedy relief, first travelled overseas in 2005 to Malaysia.

Spring, food enthusiast, primary school student and fashionista, first travelled overseas in 2008 to New Zealand.


Collectively and up to July 2015 we have travelled to 28 countries.

Our individual skills and strengths help make our adventures great and so we will share tips to enhance travel experiences for others.

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