How many farewells are too many?

Well we had a few.

There was the children’s beach farewell with both girls inviting five friends each to Clovelly for a play and lunch. We needed to do this in the final weeks of school before their friends went on holidays. Then we had a Christmas farewell at our place. Then there was the obligatory girls dinner and drinks, which ended after 2am, after much singing and dancing at the Coogee Pavilion.

Winter had his horse race at Randwick and then the boys said that was his farewell, then he played in a golf competition the next day, all day and so he had heaps of bloke time and drinks. We also had a couples with kid’s farewell lunch at the Doncaster.


The last day of work for a year meant a team lunch was on order. We had Winter’s family farewell lunch at Rose Bay RSL and Summer’s family bought us our final night’s accommodation and dinner in Sydney as a last farewell. Then finally, we were joined by grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins at the airport for a teary farewell before getting on the plane. Phew, now we were all able to give our emotions a rest and pour all our energy into….um…relaxing and soaking every moment up.

Winters family farewell

Winters family farewell

The last four weeks were filled with emails and texts about what we were planning and informing people of our status in 2015. World travelling family, crazy plan to take the girls out of school, enrol them in distance education and show them the world.

People have been completely blown away and extremely supportive. Our families are very excited and also a little scared for us and then they have gone out of their way to assist us in any way they can, advice, storing our furniture, buying things for the trip and the list goes on.

We decided to do this trip because our next step in life is simply to get a bigger mortgage and we already know what’s at stake with that step. We know how to buy property, budget, renovate and decorate, so before diving into another domestic project, we decided to go on a huge adventure. We want the girls to bond more, get an appreciation for what they have, Summer wants to get her old fitness back and Winter wants to see the seven wonders of the world, or at least as many as he can, and also just relax for a year.

This trip is not about us needing to find ourselves, find an alternative income or place to live because we have the answers to the questions we posed to our inner selves in our twenty’s like many others. The four of us have each other, we are professionals in our respective careers and love Randwick, so this is purely an alternative lifestyle for one year.

Singapore here we come.


Written on the plane over, Scoot airlines – tip, don’t eat the hot food, other than that, great experience, staff and seats.

11 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Wow you were all kept so busy, you will be happy to have finally started out on your awesome journey, I’ll be following every step of the way…Safe travels
    Love you guys
    Aunty Sue XoXoXoXo

    1. Yes, Winter was all like, lets get on the plane and Summer was all like, no lets get the snacks. Mmmmm lucky Summer listened to her Dad.

  2. The girls and I added the first leg of your trip to the map yesterday! Just by chance today I found out about these really cool super tree structures that are in Singapore which were developed to collect water and solar energy. From photos they look amazing. Apparently Singapore is planning for zero landfill by mid century… That’s pretty cool 🙂 We are all super excited for you all and can’t wait to hear about your excellent adventures xxx

    1. Hi there, how exciting. Winter has a post about the trees in his page. They were so futuristic. xxx

  3. Sounds like it was a great trip to Singapore and so quick. So hot need to keep up the liquids. Lovely to speak to you the other night, we are so glad all is going well. Take care loves. Nanna and Grandad. xxxxx

  4. Hi Summer, it’s ‘Ice’ and ‘Doc’ here, wishing you a happy and enjoyable birthday in Singapore. It is a beautiful city and we cannot believe how much you guys have done since you have been there. We are thoroughly enjoying the posts and look forward to hearing of many more tales.

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