Keep going West until we hit home.

Keep going West until we hit home.

Our 12 month world journey will consist of:

  • 4 Months in Asia

    • Countries visited so far – Singapore | Malaysia | China | Vietnam | Cambodia | Thailand | Sri Lanka | India | Turkey (the Asian side)
  • 4 Months in Europe

    • Countries visited so far – Turkey (the European side) | Greece | Italy | France | Monaco | Spain | Gibraltar | England | Scotland | Belgium | Luxembourg  | Germany | Lichtenstein | Switzerland |
  • 4 Months in America and South America

    • Countries visited so far – America | Cuba | Mexico



We’ve set some ground rules and they go something like this (although they are subject to constant change):


  • spend two or three weeks travelling with short stays, then stop for three or four weeks in one place to catch up with schoolwork, banking, home life and family. Don’t rush; if we are enjoying the food, people, atmosphere, we will extend our stay and if the opposite is true we will cancel or cut our stay short and move on. Work within the confines of the visa regulations in each visited country. Lastly, spend as much time as possible in country’s that we have never visited before.


  • stay in hostels as much as possible. These are invariably situated in the backpackers and red light districts but with children in toe, late night ventures are few and far between, meaning we avoid seedy scenes that would require lengthy explanations (being offered drugs over dinner is unavoidable sometimes). Hostels with family rooms have private ensuites and as we are booking for three adults and one child we get two double beds. If you try to book a family room for two adults and two children, nine out of 10 search returns will recommend a room with one double bed and one single bed. The belief is that the youngest one will sleep with the parents.
  • We will stay in hotels in the centre of the city we are visiting if it is a two or three night stay.  Staying as central as possible during short visits ensures we see the sights with ease on foot, by local bus or train and are able to make travel plans by shopping around. Homestays are a must; each long stay will be complimented with a visit to a local family. The no care, no consequence existence of hotel accommodation could lead to some pretty bad habits. As such, some time spent with local families will be invaluable and much more meaningful for all of us.


  • once on a continent, travel by land as much as possible. Unless we find some insane, not to be missed flight sale, we will take local/tourist trains and buses between towns, cities and across borders. (local water transport will only be used if unavoidable, phobia set in a while ago)


  • eat local. If we have visited a place before we will have knowledge of local cuisine and order accordingly, but if it’s our first time we will ask locals what the National dish is and try it. Also any other dishes unique to the city/region will be ordered during our stay. Allow the children to eat Western dishes once in a while, or any dish that makes them feel good, for example, the girls wanted beef stew with mash potato for lunch in Cambodia and we were ok with that.


  • don’t buy anything. Well not exactly but almost. Buying items means we have to pack them and lug them the rest of the way. We avoid trinket shopping but allow the girls to purchase treats from the local shopping centres to eat or drink. Buy clothes when necessary. We packed light on clothes because we knew these would be cheap in markets and we needed lots of light clothes for the heat we were heading into.


  • eat cheap to save money for tours. We try to book accommodation with breakfast in each location but Hostels don’t necessarily offer it or it is extremely basic, toast, biscuits and coffee. We will eat breakfast and lunch in room if prices are high. Eating simple breakfast with flavoured milk and sandwiches with a can of soft drink or bottled water for lunch is a great way to save money. Touring the sites is a must but we have to stick to a strict budget if we want to make it around the world.

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