Brussels in 24 Hours

We stop for 24 hours in Brussels, Belgium to fuel up on beer, waffles and chocolate.


We drove in for dinner and out after lunch but still managed to fit in the sights.

Brussels celebrates a true blend of old and new. From the immaculately maintained century old architecture to the colourful wall murals. The capital of Belgium and seat for the European Union, it is a city full of colour and visible diversity.

Environmentally conscious Brussels, from bike sharing…

Bike Share station Brussels

…to natural outdoor seating, provides an insight into the creativity that runs through the heart of the city.

Natural outdoor seating Brussels

Rue des Bouchers

Brussels eat street

Central Brussels restaurant strip, Rue des Bouchers, is where you will find signature dishes such as the mussels, in a pot, with fries on the side, along with a variety of international cuisine.  Barter with a maitre’d for the best dining deal and enjoy. We chose Italian with a Brussels twist, ie: the beer.

Dinner in Brussels.



A short walk South will take you to Grand-Place. A spectacular square, equal in grandeur to any square in Europe. Each building is adorned with gilded gold and at night light is used to highlight the Gothic and civil architecture. A buzz of activity is assured thanks to the many chocolate, beer and tourist shops.

Beer shops Brussels

This square deserves a night visit and a day visit. The masterpiece of the square is the 15th Century City Hall of Brussels, below.

15th Century City Hall of Brussels.

The gold detail shines in the morning sun.

Grand Place during the day


Comic Book Route

Comic Book Route is a walk that will direct your attention to the many comic book art painted high on the sides of buildings. To save time head toward Rue du Chene and Rue des Alexiens as it has a concentration of murals based on modern popular culture, nature and comic books. The Adventures of Tin Tin and Asterix are common images.


Mannekin Pis

The only time children are allowed to laugh at genitals and swear. A famous monument in Brussels, to celebrate the successful installation of a new underground water system, is a small naked boy urinating into a fountain.

Manneken Piss monument

After a good laugh we walked around the corner, onto Rue de L’etuve for a waffle breakfast. Prices start at 1 Euro and increase depending on the toppings.

waffle breakfast


Parc du Cinquantenaire

Built in the 19th Century, this park is over 70 acres, it is built in the shape of a pentagon and marks 50 years of Belgium independence. A giant arche sits behind a large fountain and holds the Autoworld Museum, on one side and the Military Museum on the other. The large grounds are perfect for a picnic lunch.

Arch in Parc du Cinquantenaire


Got more than 24 hours?

Other sights to visit include:

Palais de Justice

English meaning Palace of Justice, it is Belgium’s supreme court of law. It’s location on ‘gallows hill’ provides panoramic views over the city.

Atomium Brussels

This is Belgium’s equivalent to Paris’s Eiffel Tower. It was built in 1958 for the World Expo and is in the shape of an atom.

Mini-Europe Brussels

A popular theme park with miniatures of Europe’s most famous monuments. It is next to Atomium.


NEXT we raced off to Germany for more beer and sausages.

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