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Welcome to the ‘Best of World4Family’. If you’re here then you are trying to avoid reading everything we have done, just the good stuff. Read on…

Taj Mahal


We left Australia 19 January 2015 to travel the World for 12 Months. We are Dad (Winter), Mum (Summer), 14-year-old (Autumn) and 9-year-old (Spring, she was eight when we left, she wanted me to mention that).

This site has all the usual information such as ‘About us‘, ‘Contact us‘, ‘Travel– which lists all our preparation’ and a ‘Gallery. Our focus has been on our daily blog – Winters Chilling Tales, destination summaries and feature articles.

In the beginning, we excitedly posted a farewell to all and since then we have missed our family very much. They provide us with nothing but unconditional love and support, thanks xx

Winters family farewell

Winters family farewell



Daily Blog – Winters Chilling Tales

We post these as often as possible. They are an honest account of our daily travels from the only bloke on the trip. He drinks heaps of beer, surfs the net for sports updates and whinges about everything. He started writing on our first morning in Singapore and we haven’t been able to stop him.

Killing time waiting to leave the wharf, Ha Long Bay.

Killing time waiting to leave the wharf at Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

First Month

Singapore | Malaysia | China | Vietnam

Singapore was covered in Winters first post, Winters Chilling Tales

Winters Chilling Tales 4 – details our first ‘World Wonder Bucket List’ visit to the Great Wall of China.

Winters Chilling Tales 5 – we have a family first and heaps of fun on an ice skating rink on Qian Hai lake, Shi Cha Hai in Beijing.

Winters Chilling Tales 6 – while touring Beijing we wandered down Wafungjing snack street much to the children’s delight.

Winters Chilling Tales 15 – now in Hanoi, we spend time with locals and by the end of the day we begin to change the path of our Vietnam journey.

Winters Chilling Tales 17 & Winters Chilling Tales 18 – our trip to Ha Long Bay and Monkey Island was so much fun even though it rained the entire time.





Second Month

Vietnam | Cambodia | Thailand

Winters Chilling Tales 23 – this details one of our favourite experiences in Vietnam when we hired motorbikes in Hoi An and swam in the ocean for the first time since leaving Australia.

Winters Chilling Tales 29 – we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels outside of Ho Chi Min City.

Winters Chilling Tales 30 – we went on a full day tour of the Mekong Delta and Winter tries ‘snake wine’.

Winters Chilling Tales 32 – our adventure across the VietnameseCambodia border on a bus and then an un-planned motorbike taxi.

Winters Chilling Tales 38 – we went to Angkor Wat Archaeological Park and loved it.

Winters Chilling Tales 39 – we joined a street party for St Patrick’s Day in Siem Reap and then was nearly scammed at the border crossing into Thailand.

Winters Chilling Tales 40 – we tried bugs in Khao San Road and lost our tuk-tuk.





Third Month

Sri Lanka | India

Winters Chilling Tales 44 – now in a homestay in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka, we take a tour and watch some cricket.

Winters Chilling Tales 46 – more cricket and a tour of Galle.

Winters Chilling Tales 48 – read about our adventures with a resident Komodo Dragon in our roof in Unawatuna.

Winters Chilling Tales 49 – we had a hot Easter in Sri Lanka, the first time EVER as a family out of Australia. 

Winters Chilling Tales 52 – we are trying to climatise to India by starting in a nice hotel in  Trivandrum, Kerala.

Winters Chilling Tales 53 – catching a train in India and finding the best homestay in all of Alappuzha.

Winters Chilling Tales 55 – we spend the final day of our third month on a packed beach in Alappuzha.




Fourth Month

India | Turkey | Greece

Winters Chilling Tales 56 – one of the best days we have had. We take a tour of the backwaters, Alappuzha.

Winters Chilling Tales 58 – we have good and bad experiences in Mumbai.

Winters Chilling Tales 60 – the three-day Golden Triangle tour, from Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Dehli.

Winters Chilling Tales 63 – now in Turkey, we tour amazing Istanbul.

Winters Chilling Tales 65 – our visit to Gallipoli was very moving.

Winters Chilling Tales 66 – the girls climb into the Trojan Horse at Troy.

Winters Chilling Tales 67 – camping in remote beautiful Turkey and then quad bike riding in Selcuk put smiles on all our faces.

Winters Chilling Tales 68 – visiting Ephesus and then ending the night at dinner with some Aussies in Marmaris.

Winters Chilling Tales 70 – our epic 48-hour journey from Izmir in Turkey to Skopelos in Greece.




Delightfully diverse Delhi, India.

Delightfully diverse Delhi, India.


Each destination we visit we have summarised what we did and reveal what we liked as a family and what we didn’t. Each month we also post Summers Summary’s with highlights and any drama’s encountered during the month.

Singapore Malaysia
China Vietnam
Cambodia Thailand
Sri Lanka India
Turkey Greece – coming soon



Summers Summary – After 30 days of travel we put together a summary for people who have not read the daily blog and feature some of the trials and tribulations.

First Month

World Travel Asia

We posted a summary of our ‘holiday’ in Singapore, Malaysia, China and the first two weeks of our new ‘lifestyle’ in Vietnam.

Second Month

World Travel Asia 2

In this second summary, we cover the second half of our month long stay in Vietnam and our time in Cambodia.

Third Month

World Travel Asia 3

Our third month in Asia took us to  a lovely beach wrapped Sri Lanka and into a very hectic India. Overall, we were feeling the heat and looking forward to getting out of Asia.

Fourth Month

World Travel Fourth Month

We travel from India to Greece and then to Turkey. We are so glad to have escaped the heat and overcrowded Asia. The change in food is exciting also.


 Fifth Month

World Travel Fifth Month

We have loved our relaxing time in Greece and set off on a driving tour on the mainland before heading over to Italy. The hours before our flight cost us a lot of money and our sanity.

 Sixth Month

– coming soon





Feature Articles

If we think we should shine a light on something and share with the world we will. Here are the feature articles we have done so far, there are many more in the pipeline.



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