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He is a mild mannered electrician by day and an eating, beer drinking, sleeping bear by night. He is not a big reader and I (Summer) thought he was not a big writer. To my surprise, Winter writes down each days events first thing in the morning – Winters Chilling Tales. This has been great because I have focused on other things, read my section to find out. We are trying to post daily, Beijing was really hard for this because of the slow/non-existent wifi and get some great photos up for all to see.

Winter focuses on what attractions we can see and how to get to them. He sometimes plans a full day of site seeing and runs us ragged as we try to keep up with him. He loves ticking his bucket list and taking photos. Now he is an accomplished blog writer, teacher to our 8 year old and painter. See if you can guess which artwork is Springs and which is his.


Megs artwork on winters page smallAndrews art on winters page small

Eating food is high on his list of things he likes to do, along with drinking beer.

Hagia Sophia Turkey.

Hagia Sophia Turkey.


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  1. Hahaha there is always someone stretching on a plane and yes it’s annoying, you would’ve preferred what I had to ensure on my last flight, a young pretty girl, doing all her flexible stretching right next to me in the aisle and she wasn’t even in our section of the plane, I found it equally irritating probably more so because she was a pretty girl and quite limber, I wanted to trip her up as she was doing one of her poses and see her fall flat on her face! Lol

  2. What a painful way to see a display of yoga, although he obviously felt very comfortable in front of an audience. So happy you did not have to do more than one blow to break him from his ‘all bout me’ time. Loved your story.

  3. Wow! such a lovely Winter family photo, you should have this framed. I see VH looking like KH well I suppose they are cousins. How’s MH new glasses real little professor miss MH. Take it easy a long way to go. Love and blessing to you all. M&W xxxx

  4. Winter, if you get the tattslotto numbers send through and I will buy the ticket for the never ending life story. Keep cool long way to go and I’m sure you will have some experiences where you will want to put some lights out, but I know how in control you are all the time NOT! All these precious moments will be things to remember, you need to put that sexy smile on your dial when you get to customs they will wave you through Mr Cool. Ha ha great reading Winter.

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